Jen & Jon’s Wood Hall Wedding

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Jen & Jon’s Wood Hall Wedding

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Jen and Jon which took place at Wood Hall and was captured by Leeds based wedding photographer John Hope Photography. The happy Bride and Groom share there special day and advice for other couples planning their big day.

When and how did you meet? 
We met in 2006 when I joined the company that Jon already worked for, we became friends instantly and would spend 8 hours a day laughing at and with each other (mainly at), every single day. Jon was promoted and became my boss, something I occasionally mention when people ask how we met, just because Jon gets really uncomfortable that people might think he was the creepy manager!! Everyone in the office would say how perfect we were together but it took us a full 2 years to see it! (After I had already told people I would rather chew off my right arm than date Jon!)

What was your vision and inspiration for your wedding day? 
I originally wanted it based on Scott and Charlene’s wedding day, but Jon brought me back down to earth with a firm no! (The Jason Donovan mask was a non-starter!) Above all we wanted it to be about us becoming a family, a merging of the Place’s and the Brown’s which was what we tried to reflect in our family photo tree (I did manage to sneak in a bit of Scott and Charlene in the end, with Suddenly being played during the wedding video!)

How did you decide on the location and venue for your big day?
I think my parents convinced us! My Mum and Dad had been to a wedding years before at Wood Hall and were keen for us to look at it. The venue is absolutely stunning and we thought it would be out of budget so had looked at other venues we thought were more realistic, but once Mum and Dad took us for a viewing we were bowled over. I can remember getting into the car, me and Jon giggling with excitement that we might have our wedding there. Still can’t believe it!

What was your favourite moment of the day? 
Walking down the aisle, you can tell from the photos that I walked into the Church grinning ear to ear, you can see the joy on my face and it was all natural. It was so lovely to finally see the guests and then Jon waiting at the altar and I was desperate for him to see the dress – I’m rubbish at keeping secrets from him!

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples planning their wedding day? 
Don’t stress too much about the detail, we always heard things will go wrong on the day, nothing went wrong for us just that they went differently to how we imagined. Once the bar is open anyway, everything seems to flow, or that’s just our guests!

John Hope Photography
Despite it being one of my most local venues I’d never had the chance to shoot at Wood Hall before Jen and Jon asked me to shoot their big day. Perched atop a hill on the edge of the village of Linton between Leeds and Wetherby, it was the perfect setting for their romantic and fun-filled wedding celebrations. I can scarcely remember a couple beaming with happiness so constantly throughout the whole day – just being with these guys puts you in a great mood!

How would you describe your photography style?
I have a creative documentary style mixed with striking wow factor portraits.

What did you love about the day?
The fact that it was, at its core, what all weddings should be – un uplifting, joyful celebration of the love between two people. It wasn’t a wedding weighed down with details but it was all about the people which made for an amazing day.

Find out more about John and get in touch with him about your wedding day via his profile page here.

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