Irene and Daniele’s Tuscany Wedding

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Irene and Daniele’s Tuscany Wedding

We share the stunning wedding of Irene and Daniele who got married at the Meleto Castle in Tuscany, which has been beautifully captured by Fabio Mirulla who talks us through the day.

Irene and Daniele’s wedding is definetely one of my favourite ever. When we first met in my studio we immediately clicked. I don’t know if it was their enthusiasm or the fact that me and Daniele has the same passion for Classic Vespa, but I knew that their wedding was going to be amazing.

Meleto Castle, Tuscany

The Meleto Castle in Chianti, Tuscany, was the stunning location of the wedding they had on a beautiful (and hot!) summer day.

It was their dream that came true, they had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day with friends and family, drinking good wine and relaxing along the pool.

They had a lot of fun, I hope you can feel it looking at the photos.

I’m really lucky to be born in Tuscany, it is a place full of incredible places and stunning views. You can never get bored here. Sunday ago I was going for a small tour with my classic mini on the Crete close to Siena and I found a perfect spot that I’d never saw before, that’s the tuscan magic!

Siena is also the town were I studied at University and got my degree in Archaeology and also met my wife Silvia with whom I have an almost 2 years old baby boy that runs all over the house… someone says that he is totally like me.

While I was studing at University I was also shoting weddings and I fell in love with this world. I love to tell the story of a wedding, each photo is really important to me, it is like a small story within the story of the day. During a wedding, things sometimes go really fast, above all for a couple, and having the chance to shoot them and let them relive weeks, months or even years after, to a couple is a really great honour.

That’s also why I love shooting spontaneous photos or reportagistic, but sometimes I have an idea on my mind and when there is the perfect couple and the perfect situation, that’s it! That’s what happened with the photo of Daniele and Irene taken from above while they were riding their Vespa along the white road that crossed the fields right under Meleto Castle.

About the Photographer

I love all the wedding, but if I had to choose my favourite part i’d say it is the party when everyone is relaxed and can really have fun and enjoy the day. Daniele and Irene though, they had fun all the day long, they were so happy and they were constantly smiling and probably it would be really difficult to find a photo were they aren’t doing that and I love being a witness of it.

Fabio Mirulla

Florence, Tuscany | Will Travel | From: £2000

If I had to give an advice to every couple that will get married, I’d say to be like Daniele and Irene, to enjoy the day and relax, to dive into the love that will spread from all of their guests, to not worry if anything goes differently from what you planned because that’s not the story of the day, the story is you and the love you want to celebrate.

A word from the couple

“The day in which you say “yes” to eternal love is full of all the most amazing emotions that a man and a woman can experience in their lives. You feel them at the same time, in moments that fly away so quickly…

We spend months idealizing that one day which will remain indelible in our heart forever. We and Fabio understood each other immediately, there was not even need for so many words. His photographs put on paper every little facet of those emotions that will remain there over time, to relive our love all the times we will look at them. Thanks Fabio for being so attentive and complicit in our happiness on that magical day! 
Thank you for capturing our souls and making them eternal.”


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