How To Get & Improve your Wedding Photography Referrals

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How To Get & Improve your Wedding Photography Referrals

When it comes to marketing your wedding photography business recommendations and referrals are certainly the best way, whatever your business a referral is the highest honor a business can receive from a customer.

They cost nothing in advertising budget and also convert well, to have a trusted friend or family member recommend you cannot be beaten.

Referral Marketing for Wedding Photographers

While every couple you capture a wedding for may recommend you, there are a few things you can do to help increase the chances and are good things to do in practice too.

‘Wow’ them

The first step and key to any recommendation is to wow your client, exceed their expectations and deliver a beautiful story of their wedding day.

As a wedding photographer you are the only supplier that doesn’t give the couple anything until after the wedding, so you really can leave a great lasting impression.

As a couple, once they have hired you as a photographer they want to forget about you, they don’t want to worry or not trust you, they just want to let you do your job, be their but not seen, and then give them the wow as you share their beautiful photos, allowing them to relive their wedding day again.

Exceeding their expectations isn’t just with their photos, it is from the first point of contact, how you make them feel, ensuring they trust you, ensuring you get the information you need and know where to be and when without having to keep contacting them or asking lots of questions. To go with the flow of the day and enjoy it with them while capturing the essence of the day. After the wedding sharing those sneak peak photos, to then delivering a beautiful album or sharing their gallery.

Get Feedback

After the wedding and once the couple have their photos get their feedback, ensure they are happy and don’t be afraid to ask for a review or testimonial. Couples will be more than happy to leave a review for you if you ask, and if they are not happy you will likely already know about this!

Reviews and testimonials are great to have displayed on your website, added to your Facebook page and other platforms you use to promote your work, recent reviews are better than quotes that are dated from a couple of years back, so make sure asking for couples to leave a review is part of your after wedding email steps.

Wedding Album

Thank Them & Stay in Touch

Don’t forget to thank the couple for choosing you to capture their day, a personalised note, a card or email, congratulate them and say thank you for letting you be part of their day.

You were part of their wedding day so stay in touch, a simple happy anniversary email sent to the couple is a great way to remind them of you when they share a photo on social media and so they tag you in it.


Don’t forget to keep up with your social media, share those photos, tag the couples, friends of the couple will love seeing their photos and also it is great way for them to see who they hired as their photographer, they can click through to your profile, view more of your work and style and may get in touch!


You will work at different venues and with different suppliers, and this is a great way for them to share and recommend you as a photographer with their network and couples. Suppliers love to share photos you may have taken of their business at a wedding, so share these and tag them in the photos, they will share on their social media and credit you as the photographer, so another great way to get your name and work in front of more couples and eyes.

If you have shot at the same venue a few times then get to know the venue manger and planner their, couples that book the venue for their wedding may well ask if they can recommend a photographer so it is a great way to have your name passed on.

Weather you do these for referrals or not, they are great things to be doing and great things to have as part of your couples journey when they hire you, they are great for you as a business and also great for your couples which help to leave a positive lasting impression.

Are you doing these steps? Are they part of your business process and steps you take with your couples after the wedding? What else do you do?

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  1. Alin Turcanu

    Such a great content and to the point, everyone should follow these steps and keep a long and opened communication with their couples. Free bookings coming later without too much effort xx


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