Hampton Court House Wedding

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Hampton Court House Wedding

We feature the beautiful wedding of Caroline and Sean that took place at Hampton Court House. Their day was captured by TeklaLight Photography.

The Couple

Caroline and Sean found me through a friend’s recommendation. After a few emails I met Caroline in their home to discuss details and to get to know each other a little bit. I think this is very important because later on the wedding day the photographer won’t be a complete stranger, but someone they had shared a coffee and some good laughs with. With Caroline there was a really good vibe between us, she was happy to listen to my ideas and I admired her beautiful wedding dress in the pictures she showed me.

The Wedding Day

It was a gorgeous sunny day. Bea, my second photographer went to see Sean and the boys in the morning and captured them getting ready being all excited about the approaching church ceremony.

In the meantime I photographed Caroline with her 2 bridesmaids having a proper girls’ party in the Petersham Hotel in Richmond, from where, by the way, the view is stunning, overlooking the Thames. When all the makeup, hair and champagne was finished, we headed over to the church only a few minutes drive away from the hotel.

The reception then took place in Hampton Court House – it was absolutely stunning. The house, the decoration, the garden all were a photographer’s dream, beautiful and spacious and bright. Before everyone arrived we went straight to the garden for a few intimate photos and again later after dinner we sneaked out for more just before sunset. The whole event was really well organised and very relaxed, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun at the party in the evening. Lots of crazy dancing was going on and creative usage of photo booth props.

I loved the whole atmosphere of the day, the joy, the peacefulness, and how love, indeed, was in the air. Caroline and Sean are a gorgeous couple, seeing them interacting and sharing glances was truly heartwarming.

My Photography

I’m shooting weddings since 2006 and the more I see the more I love them. All weddings are different, the story behind them, the couple, their style that reflects in the photos – it’s an endless source of creativity and happiness. In my photography I mix journalistic style with fashion and portraiture. I’ve been working in all these fields of photography so I guess I have just built them together into one style. It works very well I think, the result in each case in unique. During the day I don’t interfere at all, I just walk around invisibly and capture the great moments. At the creative session with the couple I do help with suggestions but always keep it natural, I don’t do awkward posing or fake smiles.

My advice for couples would be a simple quote that I’ve seen on the Your Perfect Wedding Photographer’s website too: just remember… the cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever.

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