Grace Kelly Elegance Meets Vintage Lace

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Grace Kelly Elegance Meets Vintage Lace

Today we feature the wedding of Katie and Matthew who had their gorgeous day captured by Norwich based wedding photographer Karen Fuller.

Do tell us about the couple
Katie and Matthew originally met at school, their love story is a beautiful one, having been rekindled nearly two decades later. They are a very caring couple and think of everyone around them first. It’s wonderful to capture weddings of couples like this and see such a genuine outpouring of affection.

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Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went
Grace Kelly elegance meets vintage lace.

Katie and Matthew’s wedding was a personal, romantic and elegant affair. I began with bridal prep, set in a beautiful farmhouse in the Norfolk countryside. Katie had chosen a stunning Naomi Neoh gown which truly captured the essence of ‘To Catch a Thief’. I loved the blush and soft pastel colourways. At their local church, pretty cottage flowers decorated the aisles and the light inside was exquisite. Matthew had bought two classic 1960s cars to match their theme, a cream VW Beetle and pastel blue S Type Jaguar. The drive up to the North Norfolk coast gave them a chance to be together and reflect on the day. Once at The Hoste in Burnham Market they had planned a relaxed reception with an afternoon tea, bbq and party band in the evening. The speeches were a roller coaster of emotion as theirs is quite a story. Katie finished proceedings to huge applause with a song from Sister Act. The Hoste is right in the centre of the village and allowed everyone to soak up the sun, explore and enjoy the good times. We had such fun during their portrait section, even the whisky hip flask made an appearance!

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The Photographer – Do tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m a tea drinker, a list maker, a creative, a wife and mother. I feel incredibly blessed to be a photographer. I’m grateful for each and every person who trusts me to capture the inner them; their beauty, their love, their stories.

When the camera is prized from my hands I relax with a Jane Austen, with movies, with archery, with cracking indie music and days on the beach with my family. I don’t put the camera away for long though as I capture my daughter every day (1526 images and counting). I’m still waiting for two things to be invented, a retina camera and a time turner.

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How would you describe your photography style?
I like fun, I like quirky, I love out and out romantic and elegant. I originally came from a fine art background and adore the elegance, lighting and posing of classic portraiture. I love being creative and also know when to step back and disappear in amongst the action capturing the moments as they unfold. My style is a great mix of fun, creative, posed and natural.

What did you love about the day?
This wedding really was handed to me on a plate. The weather and light was perfect. The styling had been meticulously thought about. I had so much choice of backdrops and so much time (which is a rare commodity these days). This wedding was about the people, the atmosphere was wonderful and everybody made me feel welcome and part of the gang. I had so much fun, can you tell?

You can get in touch with Karen about your wedding day via her profile page here.

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