Géraldine et Franck – Wedding

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Géraldine et Franck – Wedding

We feature the lovely wedding of Géraldine and Franck, their day was captured by arty-photos.com

What a wonderful day… The story takes place five years ago.After my daily work, I used to waste time playing in a rock band as a drummer.Music and my old stlylish Vespa ’57 were the most important.She was a pretty girl, full of joy and attention to her friends.On Friday night, she used to come in a pub for a drink and listening to concert… This day, while we were playing, our eyes met, and I felt in love with her soul!Day after day, time after time, such passion and good feeling appeared as an evidence.December 2014. One night att the restaurant, the waiter gave to me a small wood box with a piece of cake :- “What’s this?”- “I don’t know, open it !” Opening slowly the top, there was some photos, resuming our history…On the last, it was written: Would you marry me? With emotion I said to her. Of course… We planned the wedding day in June 2015.

Only 6 month to prepare, organize, invite and thanks god for a nice weather! The wedding theme was “Champêtr e”, it meant a rural place with vegetal and natural decoration.We discovered a lovely farm with fields, the perfect place to be for our wedding! The cocktail took place in the main field, a jazzband was playing music, our friends and family were so happy, the sun was shining in the blue sky. Breathing the air, the fragrance was full of love and positive energy. After the diner, a DJ started playing music all over the night with a big fat good sound. Everybody was happy, my wife and I were high in the sky…in love.This wonderful day is in our mind for ever, Our five senses are still claiming the unique atmosphere.

Thanks to Marie-France our photographer for all the job she’s done. Her pics expresses the atmosphere, our soul at this moment. This is the best gift we had because, at anytime its reminds us such a unique day.

The Photographer
I’m french photographer of passion and happiness! Rarely without my camera, do I try hard to capture the daily moments. My inspiration feeds completely on what you are, to capture the more surprising and loving emotions. I follow you in a visual adventure where the photo session become source of all kinds of possible… in a good humour!

I like to Travel, dance to until the sun disappears, humour and hysterical laughter, the 80’s, the improbable things, run and swim, the sea, my cats S+N, the good foods and the moment with my friends, all the seasons, the Tagada strawberries.

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