Florence and Stephen’s Wedding Day

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Florence and Stephen’s Wedding Day

Today we feature Florence and Stephen’s lovely Wedding Day captured by Louis Brunet Photography.

The couple
Florence and Stephen are a couple of very nice, emotional and true people. I met them at another wedding a year ago, and liked them from the first moment. They are very simple people, and they wanted to live their wedding truly, without flourish, with their family and friend that they love so much. I had to do that wedding, as I knew it would be beautiful of emotions and really crazy.

Please tell us a little bit about the day and how it went
We started very early in the morning, as usual. First, we went to the hairdresser in a uncommon salon, rock’n roll styled. Then, the whole day continued in the venue, an old and renovated manor in western France. The ceremony was full of emotions, speeches made people cry. Then came a cocktail, diner with again strong moments. The best friend of the bride came from Spain for the wedding, I will never forget the intensity of her speech. Their friends are just amazing. I usually leave at 1am, but I couldn’t depart this party which was so crazy (I left at sunrise), every moment was great.

The Photographer
I’m a young husband of a lovely girl, and father of two beautiful little girls. From my mom, I got a gift: I’m an extra sensitive person. It could be a burden sometimes, but it let me live truly my emotions and share beautiful moments with others. It also helps me to understand people and what they are experiencing. For my photography, it is such an important thing.
I started wedding photography as a job four years ago, because I wasn’t satisfied of my previous one. It changed my life, I am now proud of what I’m doing everyday, and it couldn’t be more rewarding.

How would you describe your photography style?
My photography is human-based only. I used to spend a lot of time in decoration details a few years ago, but found out this is not where I’m good at, and not what I like to do. I love people, I have to photograph what they truly express from their inner beauty. That’s why all my work is focused on true and strong emotions of couples in love and their wedding guests. That’s what I love to do…

What did you love about the day?
The couple, their family and friends are so welcoming, happy and funny, the atmosphere was just perfect. I was also very happy to see again a lot of friends of the bride and groom, that I met in a previous wedding.

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