Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding

This week we feature a lovely wedding shot by Ellie Grace, a photographer based in Sheffield, here are her thoughts.

When Kerry woke up on Saturday 13th March, she had bride butterflies, which would be expected on anyone’s big day, however, when she opened the curtains to her suite at The Rutland Hotel in Derbyshire, she could not believe what she was seeing, thick, white snow stretched as far as the eye could see. This was the worst snow England had seen for a year, and it was on her wedding day. How would the guests get here? How would the registrar get here? These were two of the many questions that the bridesmaids were sent out to quickly get answers to. As Kerry nervously got ready, the guests were slowly starting to arrive, if not a little damp, to her wedding to Darren. The weather actually seemed to add to the excitement and buzz of a normally nerve wracking day, so that the atmosphere was a pleasure to be involved with; walking into the service was like walking through a winter wonderland itself, it felt like the decorations and weather matched perfectly.

As Kerry walked down the aisle, Darren’s face lit up like a star, as if Santa himself had delivered him the best present he could have wished for. There was a sense of safety and trust when Kerry’s father handed her over to Darren. I left the ceremony with aching cheeks; I could not wipe the smile off my face. What shows love more than happiness? We weren’t safe yet though, no one was; perfect timing for a blizzard to hit the outdoor photo shoot! In my heart I knew what I was doing was going to be perfect, just perfect, but my fingers and toes were telling me something a lot different. I take my hat of to Kerry, Darren and all their guests for listening to me and being patient, not only in the cold, but in a blizzard. A rather lovely man and his golf umbrella came to my rescue as my non-waterproof camera and I stood out in the elements. All through the wedding breakfast and reception it seemed as though everyone had forgotten about the terrible weather and was simply enjoying the atmosphere, company and what the day was truly about, the love between Darren and Kerry. The fear of not getting home did finally kick in at 10 though so off I went, but when I got home and quickly scanned the photographs I happily realised that it had been worth all the sniffles and shivers of my gathering cold.


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