Favourite Wedding Photos of 2014

Showcase // Published by Sam, Editor - February 7, 2015

With hundreds of photos submitted for our wedding photo of 2014 awards, hundreds of photos uploaded via profiles on our site and submitted for our weekly feature, we have rounded up some of our favourite photos of 2014. A few weeks ago we did a round of up stunning black and white wedding photos, so this round up is full of beautiful colours and vibrant wedding photos that caught our eye.

Photo by Alison Rose Photography – “I had an awesomely adventurous couple that walked out onto this tiny rock over-looking a cliff in Grand Junction, CO.”

Photo by Caity McCulloch Photography – “A young and energetic wedding party with an up for anything approach. No birds were harmed in the making of this photograph. This photo was taken at Bird’s Eye Cove Farm on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada by Caity McCulloch Photography.”

Photo by Edgar Machado – “This photo was taken in the cathedral of San José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil”


Photo by Paul Santos Photography – “Dubai, in August 2014. The reception was held in a building where I was genuinely spoiled for shapes, textures and interesting compositions. Very simply, this was my fave image from this set of images. The finger under the chin finishes the photo with a strong point of interest.”

Photo by Daniel Lloyd Photography – “This image was taken during a wonderful wedding in August 2014. The location was North Wales and after several days of awful weather, the clouds parted for the couples special day and sun continued to shine throughout. On the trip from the church to the reception venue I spied this corn field and couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a shot”

Photo by Julia+Julian  – “The photo was taken in Sweden. It is very interesting place under the ground with steam and metal pipes going all over the place. Felt like in a movie . We were first photographers who were let there to take a wedding picture.”

Photo by Karl Baker photography Ltd – “The wedding of Lauren &  Jonathan, sunset image taken at Worms Head, Rhossilli, Gower, Wales. Lauren had wanted and practically begged me for a sunset shoot at this location for her wedding photos!! I told her I was unable to book a sunset and the problem was it had rained most of the day and the weather didn’t look good at all !!  But Just after first dance at 8.30pm we jumped in the car regardless and drove from the wedding venue  20 minutes to this location on the off chance we might get something at 9.15pm! With literally 5 minutes to spare and the sky pretty much dark it just opened up for us.”

Photo by Kris Pendlebury of KJP Images – “Image was taken in October at the wedding of Lyndsey & Andrew.  Their suite at the new 30 James Street Titantic Hotel had a massive bed so we had to get a photo of them jumping on it.”

Photo by Paul Santos Photography – “Taken at Wallington Hall, on a dark rainy day. It may have been the very last image I took on the day. I wanted the last image to really focus solely on the couple, including their joy together, even on a cold dark evening.”


Photo by Teri V Photography – “This was taken in the early summer of 2014 at The swallows Oast in Ticehurst, East Sussex. I love it when a couple is comfortable enough to take direction from me to do shots like this. Gill and Steve were up for anything and they even did this with all their friends watching. I just had to shoot into the sun. It had not quite started to set but was getting lower in the sky – enough to get that low warming glow.”

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