A Fabulous Tipi Wedding

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A Fabulous Tipi Wedding

Today we feature a fabulous tipi wedding of Sarah and Tristan at Sibton Park,the day was captured by Riviera Wedding Photography.

They are both very creative and intelligent people. On top of that they’ve got two children so they are not only a perfect wedding couple but also perfect parents.

I think that besides the obvious attention to details during their wedding day, the event was mainly about celebrating their love bounds and what it meant to them.

The day went very smoothly, the couple has been relaxed, as they have spent the night at the venue and even had a party the day before. It wasn’t one of these rushy weddings, when the events follow very quickly. I’d call it one big party with lots of touching moments and laughter.

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The Photographer
I’m a destination wedding, event and fashion photographer based on the French Riviera. The region offers some of the most breathtaking outdoor beach or seaside wedding venues. As a teenager I worked as a model, the experience from this period helped me to improve my current occupation. I have also worked as a graphic designer, so my clients can count on a high quality of my retouching services.

I love working with people, which reveals in portrait photography and helps with the communication. I also enjoy travelling which I find very inspiring, especially in wedding photography which includes some elements of reportage.

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How would you describe your photography style?
Photo journalistic mixed with fashion but I also try to not use too many effect so that my pictures would never go out of fashion.

What did you love about the day?
Everything, from the amazing surroundings, to a pleasant company of their guests and bridal party. I loved the idea of the Tipi provided by World Inspired Tents, it really fitted the scenery!

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