Eyescape Wedding Photos like No Other Captured

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Eyescape Wedding Photos like No Other Captured

Peter Adams-Shawn is a self-taught Australian wedding photographer, and has pushed the boundaries of photography and taken creativity to a new level creating a  truly unique way to take wedding photos that look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Eyescape Wedding Photography

These wedding photos are unique, and original, no editing of photoshop involved, these are true reflections in the eyes of those captured. Funnily enough the head judge at the International Loupe Awards had to personally apologize to Adams-Shawn for mistaking his work for composite images.

Adams-Shawn shared with Techly, “The best frames I’ve captured have had the subject smiling. This relaxes the shot, brings natural creases in the eyes, and even this close, you can tell the subject is smiling.”

This unique style has been given the name and term “eyescape” a concept he originally discovered back in 2011, when he captured a photo of a flower girl watching the bride get ready.

As I am sure you can imagine this isn’t the easiest photo to get and the tiniest thing or movement can ruin the shot. Adams-Shawn said “As you can imagine, if you or the subject move a fraction of a millimetre, the focus is lost. The other challenge is making sure you’re not in the shot – I find about half the time a portion of my right elbow can slip into the shot.”

Will you be having a go at the “eyes cape” shot? What do you think to this?

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