What The Experts Say About The Wedding Photography Industry

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What The Experts Say About The Wedding Photography Industry

In our recent wedding photography industry survey results we got some interesting results. While asking photographers to complete our survey we also asked for their thoughts on the industry, things raised included prices, competitiveness and also the passion of the industry.

Thoughts on the Industry

Name: Meagan
Website: weddings-portraits.co.uk

It is very saturated and inevitably there are going to be more and more cheap photographers out there. Many people can take a good photo these days and that’s ok. Clients need to look more into the photography service as a whole. I offer beautiful packaging, extra gifts and a professional service from start to finish. I also have a studio which I think helps with professionalism. They also need to look into what their photographer offers after their wedding day. There are so many fantastic products out there and you will miss out on all of this should you book a friend or a cheaper photographer.

All in all it is a great industry with some fantastic people. I love how much people on the wedding industry help each other out and I have made lots of life long friends in the process.

Jasmin & Matt Wedding Photography

Name: Jasmin & Matt
Website: jasminandmatt.com

I enjoy being a part of the industry and the community, as most photographers are fairly open and communicative with other likeminded individuals. It’s great having the internet as a means of sharing a plethora of work too, for inspiration and for discussion.

Name: Amy
Website: amybphotography.co.uk

I love the industry that I am in and feel fortunate that I can do a job I very much enjoy. However, it can get very competitive at times and I think that Facebook ‘referral groups’ are having a definite effect on ‘how’ couples find their wedding photographer.

Name: Ally Whitlock
Website: stonelockphotography.co.uk

It’s as much about running a business as it is about taking beautiful photos. You can take the most amazing photos but if you cannot market yourself and run a business you will not succeed in the industry. I spend as much time on business related activities as I do shooting/editing and when people ask have started calling myself a business woman. Since acknowledging this I’ve seen an increase in work and bookings…!

Name: Elie Bernager
Website: unmariageauparadis.com

Wedding Photography is a beautiful world. You discover moments of shared emotions, reflecting abundance of life. You create scenes with loads of spontaneity, humor and dynamism. Newlyweds and honeymooners enjoy the pleasure of a truly unforgettable photography. Your very special time is beautifully captured all throughout your emotional and intimate event. A great destination wedding photographer is full of surprises, determined to make your wedding day as exceptional as your couple.

Name: Lina
Website: linaandtom.com

Many photographers moan on forums that the industry is dying and couples don’t want to pay for great photography anymore but this is rubbish. We will shoot 51 weddings by the end of this year, it’s all about how you sell yourself and all the extras you can give a couple. If you show them you really care about their memories, they will pay for your services.

Name: Martin
Website: martelle.co.uk

Its a tough world with many people believing themselves to be professional photographer – Just because there have a decent camera. A decent camera does not do the job – its the photographer. I mean, would you tell James Martin that he has an amazing oven? when you taste his food?

Name: Faith Stone
Website: faithstonephotography.com

There isn’t really any official regulation in the field and with digital technology, many unqualified photographers are taking on jobs they can not perform well in. This degrades the field and implies to uninformed couples that wedding photography is cheap and easy. It’s increasing difficult to explain the value of a professional photography and many couples just don’t “get it.”

Name: Nikki Kirk
Website: nikkikirkphotography.com

Not all photographers are created equal! Take your time to find the perfect one for you – they will be worth every penny as their photographs of your big day will become priceless.

Name: Paul Maven
Website: paulmavenphotography.com

It’s thriving! I have a target amount of weddings every year and meet it every year despite the fierce competition so am more than happy. The range of superb quality books and suppliers is better than it ever was and e commerce makes proofing and resale a breeze. I encourage potential couples to ask lots of questions of there photographer and to make sure they get considered replies.

Tub of Jelly

Name: Tub of Jelly
Website: tubofjellyphoto.co.uk

Wedding photography is a luxury. The options out there are pretty limitless, so don’t complain about those out of your budget, you don’t have to consider them. However, you do often get what you pay for. Booking photographers who are just starting it is great for your budget and you can come across some hidden gems. But don’t expect the same level of experience, service or product that you’d get with a well established photographer.

Name: Rebecca Clarke
Website: mywildrose.co.uk

There are some fantastic photographers out there with some brilliant and unique styles giving the bride and groom today more choice than ever over their style of photography for their wedding. I think it’s brilliant.

Name: Teri
Website: teriv.co.uk

There’s a lot of competition, so don’t follow your pockets, go with who you love and work out the best package from there. It’s always worth asking for special deals but most often than not, if you go cheep you’ll get cheep. Your Wedding photography is not worth taking risks with. It’s going to last you a lifetime and more!!! xxx

Name: Natalie
Website: nataliejweddings.com

Stand your ground with pricing, wedding photographers! Those of you charging peanuts is killing the value of wedding photography!

Name: Alix
Website: lumiere-photography.co.uk

Fairs aren’t great either I’ve stopped doing them. things are changing all the time and it’s difficult knowing what works well.

Name: Phill
Website: misterphill.com

I tend to keep my interaction with the broader ‘industry’ to a fairly low level and in doing so, have found other photographers to be highly supportive of each other.


Name: Tony Hart
Website: tony-hart.com

The wedding photography industry has a tendency to homogenise – everyone shooting the same things in the same ways and then editing to the same aesthetic. I think it’s good to branch out a bit and pay less attention to what the competition is doing and instead ask the question, what should I be doing, for my clients, and why?

Name: Theresa Furey
Website: theresafurey.com

I love capturing beautiful life moments and feel blessed and privileged to do so for so many wonderful clients. Its wonderful to be around so many others who feel the same and support my work as I do theirs.

Name: James McMillan
Website: handinhandweddings.co.uk

The wedding photography business is going through a big change in the broad sense as much cheaper cameras have allowed a huge increase in competition. Good for the bridal couple on the face of it as competitiveness has dropped average photography prices. However, this comes at an obvious cost. To spend £20k on that special day then choose to document it with an inexperienced novice using a £500 camera is foolhardy. After all, the three things the couple take from the day are a partner for life, the bit of paper to prove it and a set of photographs that will last a lifetime. Having spent all that money I am sure that the couple would actually want to show their wedding shots to there grandchildren, rather than hide them away?

Name: Nek Vardikos
Website: nvphotographers.com

We will need qualifications / certifications in the future as in our days everybody with an SLR and the word “Photography’ next to his/her name can say that he/she is a professional wedding Photographer.

Name: Loz
Website: lorenzophotography.co.uk

There seems to be an over reliance on many of the industry awards. I’m not saying recognition isn’t good but when they’re based largely on the photographers ability to whip up support then I have to question the validity. I think the award organisers benefit the most not our clients.

Other Thoughts…

There’s lots out there, but like everything else, you get what you pay for!

In this digital age I think couples have forgotten the value of a professional wedding photographer.

Love it! Amazing job, amazing people and wouldn’t do anything else.

It’s hard, it’s competitive, newcomers enter every week.


What are your thoughts on the industry, is it easier or harder now than when you started out? How are you getting on in such a competitive industry?

One Response

  1. Alexander Leaman

    I think the industry is actually positive and generally photographers are generally good to each other. If there is anything negative it’s the photographer who pitches wedding photography too low just to ‘win’ business, which has the inevitable effect of damaging how clients expect to find their photographer. The price shopping “what’s your best price” syndrome!


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