Elliot and Tasha

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Elliot and Tasha

We feature the wedding of Elliot and Tasha, they are very much a beach couple and it is very important in their lives, their special day was captured by Gary Power of Once Upon a Wedding photography.

The surf community is very big in Jersey and their wedding had influences of that. Their wedding was held at home which is a farm. Their friends were a big part of their day and a lot of them did things on the day
For instance a handmade swing was a wedding gift from a carpenter friend and the band and fire eaters were also friends
We wanted to show these elements in our photoshoot. There was also a live photo booth set up on antique tractors.
What I loved about the day was that because the wedding was at home there wasn’t really a set time for things, so Elliot and Tasha were able to relax and enjoy the day.

The Photographer

My background is chef then interior designer. A lot of my photography is landscapes which I wanted to bring into the Wedding photography, merging the two styles together really to create a piece of art for a client’s wall rather than just a wedding picture.

I have a love silent movies and steampunk so we have props with us that can be used on the day. I constantly look for quirky ways to improve the business and try and shoot each wedding based on the couple themselves.

The pre wedding/engagement shoot lets me get to know the couple and they can get used to having their photo taken.

Our wedding albums are a thing the couples love, they are hand painted books rather than photo albums I chose these
As I feel a wedding is a story starting with the engagement, we wanted a wedding book that would not be put into a cupboard and

Forgotten about. The story book feeling to the company is very important.

I shoot in a non-obtrusive and relaxed style a lot of the shots are done from afar, I want to capture the magic moments the couple don’t see.

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