Dutch Castle Wedding at De Schaffelaar

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Dutch Castle Wedding at De Schaffelaar

If you dream of getting married in a castle then you shall love this feature. Today we feature a lovely Castle wedding captured by Anastasia Gaasenbeek.

The Day
The couple, Diana and Cor, got married in a one of the famous Dutch castles, De Schaffelaar. This choice determined the behaviour of the couple, the guests and the photographer. Everybody and everything got such an elegant look. It’s very challenging for the photographer to stay contemporary and at the same time to make a step back to those golden old times when every woman was a princess and every man was a knight.

To get the pictures timeless and classy I’ve converted a lot of them in black and white.

It was a bit risky for the couple to get married in the autumn. In the worst case it could be rainy, cold and windy. And the wind in The Netherlands is really hard and can let you fly away! The day began with rain but suddenly – and this is the bright side of the Dutch weater – we got a couple of beautiful hours in between. That was enough to make some sunny and funny photos outside.

What made this wedding very special was a nice mix of the european style and some traditions from Uzbekistan where the bride was born and comes from. For example, everybody enjoyed proofing the piece of the traditional wedding bread “caravaj” hand made by the bride’s mother. This bread was supposed to bring good luck for the couple.

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The Photographer
I’m Anastasia Gaasenbeek, a Dutch, English and Russian speaking photographer currently based in The Netherlands.

In the past I have had a successful career as a TV journalist and a creative director. Working in television taught me the skills of telling the story, capturing crucial moments and emotions. I will always be there for you in the right place at the right time.

How would you describe your photography style?
I’m not so good at describing my own style. What I often hear from clients that they choose me for a combination of romantic and spontaneous in my work. What I try to do is to avoid cliches, stamps and self-citation, so that each wedding, each couple was not similar to the previous ones.

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