A Destination Wedding in Colorado

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A Destination Wedding in Colorado

What happens when a unique couple decide to share the rest of their lives together doing an “adventure wedding” in Colorado? This is their wedding chronicle through the lens of the Photographer Nek Vardikos and the detailed information he gave us. The story began with an Invitation he received about a year ago whilst in London, which promised a destination wedding in Colorado Mountains with rock climbing, motorcycles and a great deal more besides!

It was a sunny August day when Nek and his assistant Caroline arrived at Malibu Springs, known for it’s healing waters the Ute Indians have been drinking for generations. However, they came to find the wedding party partaking in healing waters of a different kind at the local pub, before they went their separate ways for their respective hen and bachelor parties. It was a delightful evening and by the looks of it the boys had the better fun! Perhaps a little more “healing water” than the ladies?

They were also given the opportunity to snap a precious moment at the airport, where the groom welcomed his mother who flew in from Europe to Colorado for the wedding. They hadn’t seen each other in several years..

The wedding preparations took place at a remarkable Inn in the village. A favourite in this unit, is the shot of the wedding rings through the fishing line, taken in front of Dimitri’s favourite Bmw.

At the “Garden of Gods” it all came together. There are no words to describe the choice of location. Unique and sensational. A personal choice of the bride and groom inspired by their passion for adventure and rock climbing, as well as each other! Dimitris wished to add a Greek touch with the addition of the Crowns to symbolise the unity of marriage. To the King and Queen of this Coupledom!

The wedding reception took place at Briarhurst, a victorian english house, where the accommodating manager gave to the photography team a superb insight into the 200 year old history of this extraordinary building. The wedding dinner was simple and excellent, full of emotional moments at the time of speeches.

The next day of the wedding they embarked for a next-day photoshoot. Main theme? Bikes! And as in the state of Colorado a helmet is not compulsory, couple and photographers did take advantage! Left the Garden of Gods accompanied by the dulcet tones of a boxer engine! An hour later they reached the top of Pikes Peak mountain, one of the highest in the US a few miles west of Colorado Springs. As Nek mentioned, the difficulty breathing was overwhelming, although not entirely a surprise, as the oxygen levels at 14,111ft are considerably low. Then they completed the photoshoot at the very centre of Manitu Springs village. It was an unforgettable experience! A joy to photograph. Our warmest heartfelt wishes to the couple!

International Photographer Nek Vardikos is based in the UK. You can find out more of his wedding photo-stories at www.vardikos.co.uk/wedding-photography-blog

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