December 2016 Collection

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December 2016 Collection

As 2016 comes to a close we round up the best wedding photos of the year for our final collection. We feature our favourite photos of the month and for the year in our December collection. Well done to all!

2016 best wedding photos

Jumping flower girl

Photo by Sue-Slique Photography – I catch this unique moment from Lynsey & Neil wedding in September 2016. Jumping flower girl. Hotel: Malmaison, Glasgow

2016 best wedding photos

Linesman Romeo & Juliet Style!

Photo by Martine Sansoucy – Stephanie and Devin were married in Saskatoon Saskatchewan on a beautiful fall day! When we got together before their wedding to discuss ideas for unique photos on the day Devin told me that he would be willing to bring his linesman equipment for a few photos by a power pole! I love that this couple worked with me to incorporate something about themselves and the groom’s work into their photos! I love this shot because of how the sun is shining behind the power pole right on the bride and groom as the groom climbs up with his gear on and stops to kiss his beautiful bride. It’s definitely a one of a kind type of photo!

2016 best wedding photos

Confetti time!

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – An awesome confetti moment on the steps of Hackney Town Hall, before we all headed to Dalston Heights to party. Love the faces, love Michael’s suit and Anna’s expression and I love all the little micro stories going on elsewhere in the frame. A lovely reminder of a great day.

2016 best wedding photos

You and me

Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca – Nabis Photographers – In this photo I liked the tender gesture of groom kissing bride’s hand in this frame of autumn leaves.

2016 best wedding photos

The rainbow

Photo by NABIS PHOTOGRAPHERS – I was working in Tuscany, in Castelvecchio Borgo in Val d’Orcia zone.
It was a beautiful sunny day of September. Christine and Gabriele were getting married outdoor.
Suddenly the weather changed and started to rain while they were changing their vows. They waited a moment to avoid people get wet, but a certain point a beautiful rainbow came out! I took the photo with close apertures to get more intensity from the sky.

2016 best wedding photos

In the Woods

Photo by Pedro Filipe Fotografia – This story is awesome. This a photo taken during an Love the Dress Session. We were in woods and passing in the street by car, we saw this incredible light entering between the trees and it was impossible not to take a shoot.

2016 best wedding photos

Ged & Mel

Photo by Kevin Belson Photography – Ged and Mel were married at Stone Barn in the Cotswolds in November. I had this shot in my mind before we arrived. I had to lay outside the venue on the ground with a long lens to get this. Luckily I managed to get it before the rain started.

2016 best wedding photos

We don’t care!!

Photo by AP PHOTOGRAPHY – ATHANASIOS PAPADOPOULOS – Shoot at a bus stop at Santorini island!
Part of a photo session around Santorini island.

Tried to capture some other images apart from the marvellous scenery based photographs (of course we had these as well).
The image was captured using all the natural and surrounding environment elements as well as the authentic reactions of people and here is the result.

2016 best wedding photos

Bathroom love

Photo by AP PHOTOGRAPHY – ATHANASIOS PAPADOPOULOS – Part of the so called “wedding portraits” photo session, that took place at the hotel room after the ceremony and just before the reception. We took advantage of all the available time….just 15 minutes….in order to have a successful result within the limited space of a hotel room!

2016 best wedding photos

veil fun in the wind

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – I took Lucy and Marc to their parent’s farm for the couple’s photo shoot. We had to climb through fields with bulls on and I was a little nervous, but felt in safe hands with a farmer’s couple. The high grass served as a beautiful setup for some shots, however the veil constantly blew into Marc’s face and caused a lot of laughter!

2016 best wedding photos

perfect spotlight

Photo by fiona kelly photography – This was a shot taken during my last wedding of 2016. The venue is Two Temple Place, which is actually a fairly dark venue, but it has this stunning staircase with a beautifully ornate glass ceiling. There was a perfect spot of light coming in from above which made for a wonderful spot for a photo of the bride and groom. I love to be able to capture something of the venue that has been chosen while doing the couples photos, especially when its such a grand place as this. I also love that the couple are really connecting with each other and sharing a laugh together.

2016 best wedding photos


Photo by Icy Lazare Photographer – Couple shoot on a cold and dark January evening in Berkshire.

2016 best wedding photos

Mid Summer Golden Hour

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – This was a shot from their epic elopement on Dartmoor. The most perfect warm golden light across an incredible landscape. Dreamy.

2016 best wedding photos

We did it!

Photo by John Hope Photography – I live for making photos like this. This will be one of the best moments of Rea and Matt’s lives I’m sure and I hope for many years to come this photo will bring that feeling back to them, The feeling of pure, unadulterated exuberance that comes after having just said ‘I do’ to the love of your life…

2016 best wedding photos

Engagement shoot in Majorca

Photo by Jacob and Pauline Photography – We shot this amazing couple in Majorca with their Harley Davidson this September.

2016 best wedding photos

A Different Perspective

Photo by Amy B Photography – Claire and Ian wanted a slightly ‘different’ approach to their couple shots. This forced me to think outside of the box and push my creative abilities. I really enjoyed coming at things from a different perspective and reinventing ‘how’ I shoot my couple portraits.

2016 best wedding photos

Moonlit Sky

Photo by Henaux Photography – This photo was taken at the Langston Hotel in Hayling Island West Sussex. My couple was Tricia & Cathy which are a lovely couple, wanted to create this surreal moonlit scene specially for them.

2016 best wedding photos

Between the trees

Photo by Joab Smith Photography – Chloe had said she liked it when the couple have some space and are small in the frame of a romantic photo, so I hid away in the trees and snapped away!

2016 best wedding photos

Owners staircase

Photo by Joe Mallen Photography – I was scouting out some locations around the Castle Hotel in Windsor UK while on a break and started chatting to one of the mangers. He began telling me about the history of the hotel and that it dated back to the 1500s and that each painting on the stair case is of a previous owner/resident of the hotel, and that they are priority 1 for the fire crew if there was ever a fire. That sold it to me I had to get a capture of the couple on the staircase with all the paintings. I exposed for the ambient as there was a cupboard at the bottom of the stairs i didn’t want to be seen and thought the silhouette of the banisters framed and led to the couple nicely. I positioned a flash with a grid on the landing above me pointed at the couple to bring them out a little bit more in the frame.

2016 best wedding photos

In the garden

Photo by Mark Leonard Photography – Charlie & Sarah-Jayne at Berwick Lodge, Bristol.

2016 best wedding photos


Photo by Alchemy Photography – Taken on Perranporth beach on the north Cornish coast. Jenny and Ben spent many holidays here and it only seemed natural for them to get married at Seiner’s Inn which is right on the beach.

2016 best wedding photos

Glamorous dance

Photo by JCCalvente – Taken on the first dance of the couple in a wedding celebrate in a magnificent golf country club in Spain. Their face show how happy and in love they are.

2016 best wedding photos

Head to Head at Hedsor

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Saijal & Mike had a fusion wedding earlier in the year, blending the 2 traditions of their families, this picture was taken on the second part of their wedding, at the gorgeous Hedsor House in Maidenhead. At the finale of their portrait session Saijal & Mike took some time to reflect on their day, deep in the moment and framed perfectly I fired off a few frames and this is the result.

2016 best wedding photos

The Cobblestone Kiss

Photo by Love That Smile Photography/Magdalena Mahdy – This was taken during the couple’s portrait session. The bride had a very unique sense of style, which shows in her choice of a wedding dress and veil details. But what makes this image one of my all-time favourites is the texture of the old ancient (roman) cobblestone wall in the backdrop and that it was taken with a Tilt-Shift lens which makes everything blurry apart from where the focus plane is – on the couple’s faces kissing.

2016 best wedding photos

The wedding toast

Photo by Ketch 22 photography / Steve Catcheside – I capture this image at a Hindu wedding in London.

All the guests are engaged in the wedding toast and I wanted to create a slight silhouette effect to emphasis the people.

2016 best wedding photos

Your never too old to fall in love

Photo by Ketch 22 photography / Steve Catcheside – I captured this image of an older couple just after their ceremony. Sat in the back of the wedding car I managed to capture them looking really happy and laughing.
It just goes to show your never too old to fall in love!

2016 best wedding photos

Ashton Memorial

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Tori and Ant were married in the unique and amazing Ashton Memorial in Lancaster so it was important to get the building into one of the couple photos. Shot on the Nikon 14-24mm, the wide angle creates a much more dramatic image, showcasing Ashton Memorial alongside Tori and Ant.

2016 best wedding photos

Sarah + Steve + Liverpool

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Sarah and Steve were married in their home city of Liverpool at St Georges Hall. After their ceremony I wanted to capture an image that showed off the city alongside the couple and a huge puddle outside St Georges Hall allowed me to do that perfectly.

2016 best wedding photos

First Look

Photo by Rob Dodsworth Photography – This is a moment from the wedding of Nicola & Joe at the beautiful Hautbois Hall in Norfolk. It’s the first time Joe had seen Nicola that day and it’s quite obvious how blown away he was upon that first look! Moments like this are what I love most about being a wedding photographer!

2016 best wedding photos

Take me home

Photo by A Tall Long Legged Bird – Taken at The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury. Russ whisked Rachael off her feet for the final send off. I just love how strong he is and how he wrapped his arms around her to carry her into their married life all safe and cared for, it was so sweet to watch and brought tears to my eyes (again)!

2016 best wedding photos

A Special Bond

Photo by ER Photography – This is Galaxy, Stevie’s baby….. Galaxy couldn’t make it to the wedding due to illness, this photo was so precious to Stevie because Galaxy was going in for an operation to remove a tumor that was life threatening, we are pleased to say he’s doing really well and Stevie is over the moon that she has this wonderful photo to treasure.

2016 best wedding photos

Love on the canal

Photo by jason Williams Photography – This couple had a reception in Camden so the obvious thing to do was to take a walk down by the canal. The narrow boat was just a stroke of luck really….but fortune favours the prepared!! Another personal favourite of mine.

2016 best wedding photos

First Sundown

Photo by Jason Williams Photography – I took this image on a whim. The sun was just setting and it was so beautiful I ran and grabbed the couple and a couple of chairs and posed them very quickly….just in time as it happens. Its one of my favourite images from a truly beautiful event up in the Italian Alps near Switzerland.

2016 best wedding photos


Photo by Jordi Tudela – This photo was taken in Cadaques.

2016 best wedding photos


Photo by Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography – This was my very late autumn wedding. Just when I was about leaving the wedding I ask the couple if we could do last photo of them. and this happened.

2016 best wedding photos

Painting with Light

Photo by Wojtek Chrapek – Voyteck Photography – I love to play with off camera flash and One Great George Street was a perfect venue to try some new tricks. One of my favourite photos taken this year!

2016 best wedding photos

Dance Off!!

Photo by Benjamin Stuart Photography – I love a good party at a wedding. Its time for everyone to let go and celebrate the wedding day. The Bride came on to the dance floor and absolute smashed a dance off.. What a BRIDE xx

Well done to Love That Smile Photography who was selected to be featured on our homepage for the month with their lovely photo. We shall email you all when submissions are open for our next collection and awards, if you are not a member then join up to be notified.


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