Two Cultures & Faiths and a True Labor of Love

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Two Cultures & Faiths and a True Labor of Love

Today we feature the lovely wedding of Alanna and Noah captured by Mercedes Morgan.

Alanna and Noah’s wedding was not only a happy mix of their two cultures and faiths but a true labor of love. Alanna is Buddhist and Noah is Jewish so their ceremonies included nods to both of their faiths. Little details incorporated elements of Thailand where Alanna is from. They fashioned each tablescape, the huppah, the favors and the thoughtful little details that made it a perfect day.

The Couple
They’re both wonderfully laid back people. They met serendipitously at the company lunch room. Serendipitous because they work for a fairly large corporation. They dated for three years before Noah proposed. He spent an entire morning decorating their apartment with flowers and lighting it with candles before calling her and instructing her to “come home immediately.” She said yes to the proposal which is hardly surprising considering such a romantic gesture!

The Day
It was a wonderful day! Alanna and Noah wanted, most of all, for their guests to feel comfortable and to have fun. They chose a venue that would accommodate the majority of the guests for both their rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself. The ceremony was intimate and incredibly personal: many expressed their wishes and prayers for the couple as part of the ceremonies. It was also very simple. No bridal party meant not having to feel like anyone was left out. Their party was a blast to photograph! The lights, fog and dancing was just as fun as Alanna and Noah hoped it would be.

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The Photographer – Mercedes Morgan
I’m half of a husband and wife wedding photography team. We’ve worked with the sweetest people. It’s not just about a bride and groom but their whole families coming together. What we look for at weddings are those moments and moods that express real devotion and connection.

How would you describe your photography style?
Our style is quite documentary, recording moments and connection between people.

What did you love about the day?
It was the people. Not only are Alanna and Noah just wonderful people, but they’re surrounded by friends and family with a great sense of humor and they made us feel so welcome to be there. They would check in with us now and then to make sure we were doing alright. They’re genuinely kind and gracious and such a pleasure to be around.

You can find out more about Mercedes Morgan on her website here.

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