Chris & Lindsay’s Big Day

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Chris & Lindsay’s Big Day

I’m excited to share the lovely wedding of Chris & Lindsay who had their special day captured by Jodi of Giving Tree Photography.

The couple.
Lindsay and I only met once at a coffee shop to talk wedding before the actual day. After our meeting I felt like she was a long time friend. She was incredibly sweet, smiley, and made me laugh out loud with her sense of humor. When I met Chris on their wedding day, it all made sense. He was equally as sweet, smiley, hilarious, and genuine. Their first look was one of the sweetest that I’ve photographed. The giddiness, the tears, the embrace- there was just so much excitement.

The Day
The entire day was smooth sailing. From the getting ready to the reception, everyone was laid back and enjoying every minute.

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The Photographer
I’m Jodi. I am 24 years young and I love Jesus, my husband, light, Lake Michigan, and garage sales. I am based out of Southwest Michigan but travel all over the United States for weddings including California, North Carolina, Alaska, Missouri, New York, etc. I graduated from Cornerstone University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree I will probably never use (elementary education- I like kids) and didn’t discover that photography was something I was even interested in until 2011. And now I can’t get enough of it! I’m a small town nobody who’s biggest dreams are to honor God, love my husband well, be a mom (someday), love people well, and tell stories through photographs.

How would you describe your photography style?
I love to capture people as they are and remain true to their personalities. Some words that have been used to describe my work: authentic, clean, natural, fresh, vibrant, soft, organic, intimate, romantic, fun, playful, honest.

What did you love about the day?
Chris and Lindsay’s wedding was an absolute dream. Every detail was whimsically perfect- the colour tones, the flowers, the intimate details, the strung globe lights, Lindsay’s dress, the warm summer light, the venues… everything! But my favourite thing of all about their wedding was how seriously they took their vows and how obvious it was that their main focus was not on the small details, but on each other, their families, and their friends.

It was joyful from start to finish and it was an absolute blessing to witness.

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