Choosing Transportation for your Wedding

Wedding Advice // Published by Sam, Editor - July 18, 2015

When a bride makes her entrance, she wants it to be memorable and arrive in style. Brides are given a number of different options to choose from when making their choice for wedding transportation. From hiring classic cars to more inventive ways, let’s look at a few wedding transportation alternatives.

Horse and Carriage

If you are looking for a magical arrival to your wedding, why not hire a horse and carriage? Beautiful well-tempered horses can pull a number of different styled carriages, including a covered version for when it’s raining. A horse and carriage will come with a driver who will help the bridal party in and out of the carriage and drive them to the wedding ceremony. This style of transportation is suited to weddings that take place in castles, adding to that princess effect.

Vintage / London Buses

Hiring a bus might seem a little unusual but this method of transport is growing in popularity. Vintage themed weddings are enhanced even more with the addition of a vintage bus, however red London buses are also iconic. Hiring a bus is very useful if you need to transport guests between your ceremony and reception venues – and is certainly an unusual arrival for a bride!

Walking to your Wedding

As weddings become increasingly expensive, more brides are choosing to walk to their wedding ceremony. This idea works particularly well if you are holding your ceremony and reception in the same hotel – walking down a grand staircase can give you just as much impact. Traditional brides who get ready at home and are marrying in their local church also opt for this idea too.

Beg and Borrow Cars!

If you live too far away from your wedding venue but you still want to save money when it comes to wedding transport, why not use your friends and families cars? This option is extremely affordable and great if you want to use your budget elsewhere. Most cars can be decorated with a pretty ribbon and you will be inundated with offers to drive you.

Classic Cars

Hiring classic cars is still the choice for more traditional brides. Many makes and models of classic car can be hired such as Bentley, Rolls Royce and Jaguar. These classic cars are kept in pristine condition and will also come with your very own chauffeur. Classic cars look fantastic in wedding photography and add a bit of luxury to your arrival.

These ideas are just a few alternatives that are available for your wedding transport. If you want something a bit different, you can hire other vehicles, such as a sports car, VW Beetle or campervan, or for the ultimate entrance, why not hire a helicopter and arrive at your wedding like a celebrity?

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