Published by Sam, Editor - December 13, 2014

One of the first things many engaged couples do when beginning to think about planning their wedding is to discuss venues, and more often than not the wedding venue is confirmed and booked much before wedding dresses, flowers or a wedding cake are even thought about.

However, how do you even begin in choosing your perfect wedding venue? There is a lot to consider and time and thought should be put into ensuring the venue you choose is perfect for your wedding and for you.

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing your perfect wedding venue can seem like a daunting task, one that can cause stress and difficult decisions; however, with a few top tips it can be made that little bit easier.

Photo by Steven Mayatt at Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor. View more photos.

1. Communicate
Choosing a wedding venue is a two person job and the thoughts of both bride and groom should be considered. Communicate well and share ideas as to what type of wedding venue you have in mind; after all, the possibilities are endless.

2. Budget
It is important to firstly decide on a budget for your wedding venue. Not all wedding venues will be a viable option for everyone and by deciding on a strict budget can narrow down your options and highlight your realistic choices.


Photo by Ann-Kathrin Koch at The Coos Cathedral. View more photos.

3. Numbers
Before choosing your perfect wedding venue ensure you have a rough idea of how many guests you will expecting at the ceremony. Large halls and churches are great for those who are expecting a large number of guests and small, intimate wedding venues are perfect for those who are hoping to keep the guest numbers down; however, problems can arise if your wedding venue doesn’t accommodate for the number of people you hope to invite.

4. Date
Some couples have an idea of a wedding date before a venue is booked; an anniversary, birthday or special day for example. However, remember that not all venues will be available so before deciding on a venue and being disappointed that the date isn’t available, ask around to see where is free on your requested date.

Photo by Elbowroom Photography at Thornton Manor. View more photos.

5. Guests
Think about your guests and whether or not your chosen wedding venue is a good choice for them. Though the final decision should be based on the wants of the bride and groom, guests are an important part of any wedding. For example, a wedding venue in the middle of nowhere may not be somewhere guests can get to easily without incurring large travel costs and a wedding venue in a city centre without hotels nearby may be an issue for those travelling from far afield.

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  1. Do consider inside space and outside space…if it was raining, (not that it does in England!!) then will there be enough space for all your guests and space to take group shots too? Sometimes there’s a spare room for things like this if you ask…we do carry eight umbrellas for groups outside, but guests don’t like rain!

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