Clandon Park, Guildford Wedding Day

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Clandon Park, Guildford Wedding Day

The wedding that nearly got cancelled due to their Original venue burning to the ground two days before their big day. The wedding of Caroline and Alastair was captured by Stott + Atkinson Photography.

It was the first wedding of the season for us and we were pumped up and ready to join Caroline and Alastair for their wedding at Clandon Park, Guildford on the 2nd May 2015. It was 5pm on Wednesday 29th April and two days until Caroline and Alastair’s weddig day. We saw an update from a previous bride on social media who’s wedding we shot at Clandon Park which said “Very sad to learn of massive fire at Clandon park!”.

We couldn’t believe our eyes as the news was all over the BBC online page. We took the decision to give the couple a call to inform them of the terrible news and they were so shocked (as you would be!) that they thought we were joking. Unfortunately we weren’t joking and this was very real, and their attempts at getting in touch with Clandon Park that night were unsuccessful and didn’t sleep a wink with worry and thinking, will there even be a wedding!? They drove to Clandon Park Thursday morning to check out the horrific reality of their wedding venue as a burnt out shell.

With 48 hours to find a new venue and inform their guests that were arriving from all over the world it was a seemingly unachievable task. But Caroline just said “we just need to keep going” showing unbelievable composure and positive attitude towards such an awful situation to be in! So here’s where faith in humanity and peoples good will was restored when a friend of a friend who lives in the grounds Loseley Park , which is a neighbouring wedding venue to Clandon Park suggested it as an alternative venue. It was a bit of a long shot with such short notice but as luck would have it Loseley Park didn’t have a wedding booked in for that Saturday and offered to accommodate their wedding. They matched everything that they had arranged at Clandon Park and their day went strangely like nothing happened. The great hall ceremony room, the 17th century Tithe barn and the stunning grounds that surround Loseley Park made for an amazing day. These guys luckily had wedding insurance. But we suggest if your reading this and getting married soon our advice is to get yourself wedding insurance asap! you just don’t know what could happen. Roughly £50-80 cover for piece of mind, should anything go wrong is a small amount to pay.

We are Paul Stott and Tim Atkinson, a wedding photography duo from Leeds. We love a good wedding and enjoy getting to know you, this makes for a relaxed atmosphere and puts you at ease when you’re in front of the camera. We use the relationship we build with you to achieve the best story of your day through images. We want to tell a story with your photographs, working as a team we cover both bride and groom preparations. We’ll be there capturing morning prep right through to “Uncle Bob,” throwing shapes on the dance floor, capturing the whole story.

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  1. Alexander Leaman

    Yes, I heard about this wedding. The phone was ringing a lot for me that week as Clandon Park was a venue where I regularly shot. In fact I was known as their principle photographer which was nice if perhaps a little generous. I would say, however, that I am very much the main photographer at Loseley Park where this wedding was shot. I knew that Loseley would pick up at least some of the Clandon fall out and I expect there will be more over the summer as well as into next year.
    Even though I wasn’t the photographer I was relieved when I heard about Caroline & Alistair’s relocation. Of all the making the best out of a bad situation, this surely takes the cake! They were extremely lucky that there was availability at Loseley Park, and judging by these photos they had a great end to their story. Nicely done.


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