Camden Town London Wedding

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Camden Town London Wedding

Today we feature a very fun and creative wedding in Camden Town. The special day of  Kinga and Dominic was captured by local wedding photographer Bartek Lyczko of Miracle Moments. Bartek share more details about the couple, day and his photography background and style.

The Couple
Kinga and Dominic… fantastic people, young, open, crazy, professionals . They know what they want from life and they are doing it. First time I meet them was on pre-wedding photoshoot and when I offer them romantic soft photos they said that we should do this photos in Pub, after that I just loved them.

They are kind of people which you understand from very beginning, they will tell you how they feel and what they think, but if you are open for people you know that with Kinga and Dominic you can move mountains.

The Wedding Day
So, the whole wedding day took place in Camden Town (and this is quite funny that as a croydon wedding photographer I got more wedding outside of this place), amazing place, very lively , lots of young creative people who like to show off. If you are in London and you looking for place which will shock you most , it is definitely Camden.

Anyway, couple had their wedding ceremony and reception in massive room with the view on the river. When I went there the view took my breath away. From the moment I step there I follow bride, with her bridesmaids we go to the room on the top of the hotel and they were getting ready. Really calm atmosphere , champagne on the balcony with the view on Camden Lock, loud music and lot of jokes, I feel like bride is getting ready for regular party.

Ceremony was quick, and very smooth, what you actually can see on the photos. Amazing thing was that couple had their own entrance, so with the music Eye of the tiger , groom come with his English flag and stick it on the wall and after that bride came with her Polish flag which on the was merged with English one making one of a kind flag, just like this marriage.
After all standard routines like food, drinks, chats, speeches the party started, and it was crazy. I could feel the heat of how much people jump at that night.

What did you love about the day?
I just love how smooth goes this day. I knew I was on the wedding but I feel like on really good party where stress and worries are outside. It was perfect wedding day for them, because in my life I don’t think I ever saw anyone who was so chilled on their own wedding. A big thanks for Kinga and Dominic.

The Photographer

Do tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Bartek Lyczko and I was born in Poland back in 1988. I have  been doing photography for around 10 years now, and mostly shooting weddings, pre-wedding photoshoots and family portraits. I live in London and I’m based in Croydon (South London), many of my clients call me the wedding photographer from Croydon.

I am young and an open person for new things, that is why in my photography I don’t like to copy previous photoshoots, I like to take couples or families to new places and create their individual portraits. I am very energetic person who trys to create a special bond between clients and myself, this bond helps them go really crazy on the photoshoot and makes my work lot easier and photos much better.

How would you describe your photography style?
Well it is quite hard to say… I like the new way of photography, but my retouch is more old school looking, low contrast, soft colours and light. I am always looking at better photographers, trying to see how they work and what they doing on photo shoots ,and somehow merge it with my style.

I don’t like to create things, I like natural beauty of the weddings and families, There is things which you can do and things which are creating by their own, and by that I mean emotions. Love, friendship, trust those are things which you cant see so easy, that’s why I try to catch all those small, simple moments. Those winks from groom to the bride ,while holding their hands on ceremony, which says “everything going to be fine” , those little smiles from bride or tears of parents. It is easy to miss it when you are a guest, but for me those are the moments which I am looking for.

On my photographs I rather like to focus on people then on background, which does not mean that I don’t want to take pictures next to grand canyon one day.I would love that.

I am very flexible and I am trying to fit myself for what my clients need, but still I got my way how I see things and how the final photo look like.

You can find out more about Bartek and view more of his work on his website at

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