Brazil Beach Wedding by Sara Lobla

Real Wedding // Published by Sam, Editor - April 19, 2015

Today we feature a fabulous beach wedding captured by Sara Lobla in Brazil. The happy couple were Belen and Ventura.

I consider it a portrait of emotions and this time I was lucky to be able to do across the world. I always say because so sorry, there is a before and after in me at this wedding.

My style of photography want it to be natural, I love define myself as naturalweddings. And I hope that’s what I convey my pictures.

They were two days, I remember the trip took 24 hours, two planes and a car through the jungle. The first day was exciting because only 13-14 friends were those who were, and the arrival of each was really beautiful. They made me feel one more. It was the second day when you want dijero itself under a tree with the sound of the sea bottom. The bride could not go over it, the more authentic. With a dress made for her Bebascloset (for me it is very important to mention this) and with her hair just out of the shower. So, the beautiful Belen. And back to my house, 24 hours back. Really would repeat to feel again every moment.

Above them … are pure essence. When the eyes look is as if time stops around. You can feel the love they have and admiration. It is a love story of those who siemrpe would think you would live.
I liked every one of the things that I lived, and that I almost lost the flight, it broke my mobile … many anecdotes, but not erase any.

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  1. Lovely feel to these photographs, & what better than having a game of pool before tying the knot!

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