Boho Couple Styled Shoot

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Boho Couple Styled Shoot

My name is Daniel Santalla and I have 27 years, lover of life, nature and people. I have three years working professionally in photography.

A year ago I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of an amazing couple who relied on my work. They were in love with my way of working and decided to be my first couple be shoot on their wedding day. Naturalness, simplicity and peace of mind are my features when working.

Different couples also bet on my vision and that this work as wedding photographer has brought me very good experiences.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to carry out a project of session inspiration with the collaboration of several professionals and a couple that has made model which were incredible.

I wanted to prepare a wedding heartmade with romantic and folk, something resembling my way of working. And these images are the perfect reflection of what I wanted to achieve. Thanks to some great bride and groom for showing his love, this was the result.

December 5 we could carry out this session, in a beautiful area of beach and cliffs with an end of day light.

The wedding was divided into three zones:

The altar with a small church in the background, made with a wood and lace strips and dried flowers.

Another area in which the table was where the bride and groom would prove the wonderful menu. With a cutlery my family legacy, a world ball presiding since the partner is very adventurous.

And a last area using the theme of travel, we create a space of relaxation with a suitcase, a typewriter and an Indian teepee with blankets and pillows inside to be able to relax and unwind in an intense day.
The result of this wonderful day were these images full of tenderness, of love and transmitting all that was intended to achieve.

It has been a collaboration with incredible professionals, here I enclose the information:

Photography: Daniel Santalla Fotografia
Models: Yoli Barroso – Fran Martínez
Vídeo: Catu Martínez video
floral headdreso: Florist “La madre de la novia”
Floral: floristeria Angeles
Graphic design: Amaia Carreira
Deco: Daniel Santalla + La casa de la tia Julita

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