Benedicte & Kjetil – Norway Wedding

// Published by Sam, Editor - May 27, 2015

Today we featured a lovely wedding from Norway, the special day of Benedicte and Kjetil who had their perfect day captured by Photography By Stephen Johns.

The Couple
Benedicte is a primary school teacher and Kjetil is a Navigator in the Norwegian coastguard. They are one of those couples that are perfect for each other, their connection is so seamless, so warm and filled with joy. We had never met before they booked us to shoot their wedding day, but had plenty of correspondence via email. We had a good idea of what we were about to walk into, although there were plenty of spectacular surprises during the three days we shared their wedding. We arrived two days before their wedding day, Benedicte & Kjetil greeted us at the airport like old friends, we were instantly welcomed into their life, this made everything so much more relaxed. Think Fjords, Castles and beautiful scenery everywhere!

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    Norway Wedding 01

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    Norway Wedding 021

The Day
We Started early with bridal preparations at a quaint little hair salon with a nice view over the city, the bridesmaids were all there and it was a laugh a minute & everything was running one time as one would expect. Kjetil was ready, suited and booted in his formal Navy uniform, with his two best men. The ceremony was held at the beautiful stone Storetveit Kirke Church in Bergen. With a Disney Princess walking towards her Prince in full Military uniform, it was a truly exquisite fairytale. They exited the church under a sabre arch of navy swords. We made our way to Gamlehaugen Castle surrounded by summer gardens for the beginning of the portrait session. With the reception location an hours drive from the city we had another stop to make, They call Bergen the “Gateway to the Fjords”. We could not shoot a wedding and miss these shots, we found the ideal location the day before their wedding, Loddefjord, Perfect! I think the images from this location speak for themselves, gorgeous afternoon sunlight, stunning backdrop, and the most perfect bride and groom.

The Reception was held at the boutique Fjordslottet Hotel basking in glorious evening light until we finished shooting at midnight. Nestled away on the Inland Island of Osteroy the Fjordslottet Hotel is a boutique hotel, beautifully set up for weddings, with a huge skylight running down the centre of the main room. Being the summer solstice, as far north as Norway we had endless light to make use of this stunning venue, being able to shoot all day with amazing natural light was perfect and really brought out the atmosphere of this wedding. The reception was filled with Love, Laughter and an amazing Bride and Groom at the centre of it all!

What I Loved.
I loved so much about this wedding, The perfection of the fine details was great to see, the time and energy put into this event, the hand made finishing touches to the table settings. The perfect princess dress and military uniform that really set this wedding off made capturing this so easy. the fun, love and laughter that Benedicte & Kjetil shared, showed just how perfect they are for each other and how they are so loved by those close to them. The immersion into a different culture really set this apart for me, the traditions the Norwegians have makes for a fantastic wedding atmosphere and environment. Last but not least was the environment itself, Endless light, matched with stunning locations make this one wedding we will never forget.

Photography by Stephen Johns // Stylishly Creative
Owned and Operated by Stephen & Ruta Johns, Stephen has being photographing weddings for the past 5 years, firstly in New Zealand (where he is from) as well as the South Pacific Islands. We have been based in London for the past 2.5 years. Shooting weddings in Lithuania, Norway and throughout the UK and London area. We pride ourselves in the exceptional service we offer to our wedding clients, from start to finish and beyond. We take a “Story Telling” approach to your wedding day, We are there to capture the moments, the memories, the details and the love, with an artistic edge to create strong compositions rich in style. It’s like a fine little love story that will make you smile in your sleep.
Nothing is generic and every one of our weddings captured is uniquely different. We capture your wedding perfectly together, Stephen as the primary and Ruta the second shooter and assistant. Stephen edits everything and produces an exceptional set of wedding photographs that you will be proud to show your friends and family.

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