A Beautiful Upstate New York Wedding

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A Beautiful Upstate New York Wedding

Today we feature the beautiful wedding of Aileen and Brandon in upstate New York, their perfect day was captured by Silent Moment Photography.

About the couple and wedding day:
Aileen and Brandon were married in the fall of 2014 in beautiful Upstate New York. Their day started at a great hair and makeup salon in Fayetteville, NY. Once Aileen and her bridesmaid’s were finished, they proceeded to don their gowns and do any last and final touches before the walk down the aisle! Aileen and Brandon had a lovely wedding ceremony with their family and friends surrounding them. Once their ceremony was completed, Aileen, Brandon and their wedding party continued on to take some gorgeous portraits at various indoor and outdoor locations. Their day was full of laughs and love. Memory making and smiles! It was raining on and off throughout Aileen and Brandon’s entire wedding day, but instead of getting bummed out… they embraced the Upstate New York weather conditions and stayed positive! As soon as their outdoor portraits ended, the sprinkling began yet again! It was as if the clouds broke and soft sunshine came through, just for their special portraits outside! Everyone was so thankful to have that rain-free portrait opportunity! After the portrait session at various locations came to an end, the wedding party excitedly got inside the limo and headed to the reception location. Aileen and Brandon chose a great reception venue! They choose the world famous, fun, lively and lovely, delicious Dinosaur BBQ! Dinosaur BBQ is located in Syracuse, NY and known around the world for their tasty ribs and fried green tomatoes! Their reception took place upstairs, above the world famous restaurant in a rustic and lively environment. They entered to lots of great applause and excited family and guests! Their first dance was beautiful and full of emotion. The rest of their wedding day was just as you would imagine… full of life! Full of color! Full of beautiful emotion and delicious food! All together their wedding day was nothing less than perfect!

The Photographer – Silent Moment Photography
I strive to photograph beautiful little moments that naturally happen on wedding days. Moments that you’d never be able to set up. To find those moments, I have to be continually proactively observing in a quiet, unseen sort of way. The second a ‘moment’ notices that it’s being photographed, it will change into something more conscious and less natural. Along with beautifully photographed moments, I want to give my couples gorgeous portraits as well. Even during the portraits, I love to photograph the moments ‘in between’- the moments when the couple forgets that they’re being photographed and they give each other little looks or touches, giggles or sweet glances. Those moments are beautiful and truly reveal the emotion and love that the couple has for one another.

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