Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

We showcase this beautiful outdoor wedding captured by Anna Delores Photography today.

They were referred by a previous Bride & Groom, our favorite kind of finding, and they couldn’t stop laughing and talking about their wedding. They are such happy, smiley people and I couldn’t help but fall in love with their energy and excitement. The day was wonderful, easy and fun, they had an amazing coordinator @ Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, CA, and after the ceremony at the Padre Serra Parish in Camarillo, we were off to enjoy the lush gardens and beautiful farmland. The had great details, they splurged and they were so glad they did. Maravilla Gardens is my kind of venue, and I would say 98% of my bride and groom portrait sessions are outside, and they are 98% usually down to get dirty and they trust me. That is one of the greatest gifts a client can give me, their trust.

My photography is full of light and dimension, real moments; sometimes funny and sometimes dramatic, but so is life. My photographic style is organic, bespoke, emotional, when the light speaks to me and I’m able to capture those whispers inbetween, that’s when I know everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be. I loved that Patricia and Brian couldn’t stop whispering, kissing and holding each other that day, they could barely take their eyes off each other. Best day ever.

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