Beautiful Bridesmaids

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Beautiful Bridesmaids

Your wedding photographer is there to capture your everlasting memories. To snapshot the relationship not only between you both as the loving couple but also those participating. You have carefully selected your beautiful bridesmaids so we are going to discuss how to get the perfect pictures with them on your special day.

Capturing the Excitement
Prior to the ceremony, the nerves and excitement of getting ready with your bridesmaids will produce some outstanding images.

Photo by Natural Expressions Photography


Capturing the Giggles
Your bridesmaids have been chosen because they know you through and through. They will help you true personality shine. Make sure your photographer keeps taking the shots between posing for pictures. Capturing the girly giggles is magical.

Photo by  James Davies Photography


Capturing perfect alignment
Just as the perfect shot below a beautifully aligned shot of you and your bridesmaids is a must. Think about differing heights and colour variations of the dresses but don’t worry your perfect photographer will help you with the arrangement.

Beautiful Lace Wedding Allure Bridal Dress from Simply Elegant Bridal
Photo by Kristyn Hogan


Capturing the Personality
Your photographer is there to capture the individual personality of your bridesmaids. The images can be fun and quirky, letting your younger bridesmaids pose for the camera their way can create some winning snapshots.

Photo by Ripple Photography


Capturing the Reaction
Whether it’s viewing your dress for the first time in the morning or watching you say I do, the unique reaction from your bridesmaids will exhibit some personal keepsake photographs.

Beautiful Lace Wedding Allure Bridal Dress from Simply Elegant Bridal
Photo by Kristyn Hogan


Remember your bridesmaids know you extremely well, ask for their help on capturing your wedding day. Maybe they have ideas of some stunning shots to capture your true personality.

We have many photographers to choose from who can easily capture perfect images of your bridesmaids and your special day!

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