August 2016 Collection

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August 2016 Collection

We round up our favourite wedding photos in our August collection. With hundreds of entries we have narrowed it down to this stunning collection of top wedding photos.
Photo by James Tracey Photography

First Look

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Ryan saw Leah for the first time in a mirror as she made her way up the aisle at Eaves Hall and the moment proved just a little too much to hold the tears back.
Photo by Pierangela Tammaro

Our sweet Romeo and Juliet from another time

Photo by Pierangela Tammaro – ” She has dark eyes that freeze the passage of time , has a face that recalls times past : Her flavour of class and present, hopes and answers . As a beauty beyond the days , beyond history”.
Phil & Fabi, Positano 2106
Photo by Michael Marker Photography

Kiss on the stairs

Photo by Michael Marker Photography – I was was lucky to photograph a wedding at the stunning Moor Park near London. The dramatic backdrop of the staircase was matched by the dramatic lighting.
Photo by Sarah Wayte Photography / Sarah Wayte

A Daughter’s Tribute

Photo by Sarah Wayte Photography / Sarah Wayte – Rachel’s Dad was a true hero. He worked for Kent Ambulance Service as a Paramedic on the air ambulance and was one of the victims of the air ambulance crash near Blue Bell Hill just outside Rochester in 1998.

At the time, Rachel was just a young girl and the loss of her father has had a huge impact on her life. When she told me, at our first meeting, that she wanted to make her Dad part of her wedding day by visiting the memorial site after the ceremony, I knew any images I captured here were going to be super important.

This particular image epitomises everything about those moments we spent up there on that hill and is the best homage I could hope to have given her and her new husband, Lee and all of their families. I’m super proud of this photograph, despite the fact that it made me cry capturing it and editing it later. It is a sad moment, on a very happy day, yes, but it’s also the moment Rachel got to stand in front of her Dad in her wedding dress and make him proud.
Sunset love

Sunset love

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – Katie and Tom got married at the amazing Yeo Valley gardens near Bristol. Katie told me before the wedding that she was really keen to get some nice shots at sunset, provided the weather played ball. We’d already done some an hour or so before this shot, and the couple had gone inside to the dancefloor… I kept an eye outside, checking what was happening and when I saw this start to happen I turned, caught Katie’s eye and just made a camera mime and then put my thumbs up! They both came running outside. We had to jump over an electric fence and we picked our way through a fairly mucky field to get to these two gorgeous oak trees. I love the framing and how the trees mirror the couple.
Classic Bride in Manor House

Classic Bride in Manor House

Photo by Jennifer Sinclair – Jennifer Sinclair Photography – This photograph was taken at the Foxhill Wedding Venue in Surrey. The Manor has an amazing interior and perfect for a classic bridal portrait.
Photo by Tracey Warbey

Left Hanging

Photo by Tracey Warbey – Taken on 11th June 2016 for Sophie and Rob’s wedding at Pengenna Manor, Trelill, Wadebridge (Cornwall)
Sophie’s dress from Phase Eight had a distinctive vintage look about it, so I hung it in one of the windows of one of the many Art Deco inspired rooms at Pengenna Manor, which is an Elizabethan country house, giving an overall old-world, sophisticated look to the image.
Photo by Martine Sansoucy

Love in Jamaica

Photo by Martine Sansoucy – It was a perfect ending to the day and the sun was setting just as a storm was rolling in. The bride & groom and I made our way to a set of cliffs overlooking the beautiful ocean and just close enough to the crashing waves brought in by the brewing storm. It was truly a magical sight! The bride and groom cozied up to each other while I made my way to another cliff across from them and after being drenched in a few waves I got this shot! It was truly breathtaking to see in person and I hope this photo reflects some of what we experienced that day!
Photo by Magia Obrazu

Sunny wedding session

Photo by Magia Obrazu – We wanted to catch as much sun as possible during this session. So we decided to wake up early for a sunrise and visit sunflower field.
Photo by Aaron Storry Photography

The Calm

Photo by Aaron Storry Photography – Every wedding photographer will tell you about ‘that’ moment just after the wedding breakfast and before the first dance. When the light becomes so soft and beautiful and everybody is feeling relaxed. This is the time when I like to take my couples away for a few photos.
Anjuli & Ollie’s reception backyard reception was the perfect backdrop to frame this gorgeous moment. Two people, totally in love and committed to each other – perfection.
Photo by Jordi Tudela

Sunlive wedding

Photo by Jordi Tudela – The wedding, held in Masia Can Ramoneda in Rubi, near Barcelona is one of those unique weddings that photographers do love. Yago and Elisabet got married in a very special place that seemed to have been decorated by Ingrid (Its Wedding Day). However, the couple themselves had prepared every single little detail for their wedding! During the months prior to the wedding we discussed what kind of photos they would like to have and where, and we agreed on everything, they are such an amazing couple! This photo was taken outdoors during the actual wedding day. There was limited space so we thought it would look really good if Yago could lift up his new wife. It was a wonderful spontaneous moment and I feel the results capture and reflect that perfectly!
Photo by Alt Wedding Studio

Lovely sun set

Photo by Alt Wedding Studio – It was a rainy day, but when the rain stopped the sun appeared through the clouds. The couple just walked and this beautiful picture came out.
Photo by Amy B Photography / Amy Barton

In The Clouds

Photo by Amy B Photography / Amy Barton – This shot was taken back in July on what was a rather blustery day. I got ‘my creative on’ and used the dramatic skies as a backdrop – who says blue skies are best!?
Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography

Love in a Hedge

Photo by Fiona Walsh Photography – There’s magic to be found when you hide in a hedge.
Photo by Barbara Zanon

Wedding portrait in Venice

Photo by Barbara Zanon – This pictures was taken in Venice, Italy.

I take this photo under a tipical portico in Venice, playing with the beautiful bride veil and with the lights.
Photo by Mick Cookson Photography


Photo by Mick Cookson Photography – This is Caitlin & Tom, married at Manchester Town Hall recently. During their portrait session nearby, the couple started to practice their first dance…
Sussex Corn Field

Sussex Corn Field

Photo by Tim Simpson Photography – Although we are from Manchester we travel a lot to photograph weddings in Sussex. This is at one of our favourite venues, Upwaltham Barns.

Sometimes from that first email coming in you just know you have to photograph certain weddings, it was like that with Rumi and Sam, they were just such a great couple and they really loved our style, when a couple loves your work as much as Rumi loved ours and sais “just do whatever you want at our wedding I know the photos will be great” this is the end product. A wedding is always a collaboration and this was one to remember.
Sunset Doctors

Sunset Doctors

Photo by Stunning Photography / David Gaffney – After a rather dull rainy day the magic happened all in the last 10 minutes at Ellenborough Park in Cheltenham, Dr Ven & Dr Jassie had a rainbow and a sunset all in the space of 10 minutes, so it just goes to show that you should never give up on that special shot.
Pixies in the Cellar


Photo by Pixies in the Cellar – Stole this intimate moment from Melissa & Craig’s ultra cool wedding at the majestic Ashton Memorial in Lancaster. These guys personified ‘cool’.
Photo by Frankee Victoria Photography

Chrissie + Mark

Photo by Frankee Victoria Photography – This was taken at Chrissie and Mark’s wedding, at Cripps Stone Barn. It was a super sunny day, but we managed to get some lovely shots out in the filed next to the barn just when a little cloud came over.
Photo by Millar Cole Photography

Georgie & Jack

Photo by Millar Cole Photography – I went for a wander in the woods with Georgie & Jack after their ceremony. I was searching for a spot to take some portraits of the two of them, when all of a sudden they leapt into each other’s arms and kissed. I shot two photos as quick as I could and captured one of the best of my career! I love how the shape of the veil mirrors their body shape!
Photo by Andrei Dumitrache Photography

Bride and bridesmaid

Photo by Andrei Dumitrache Photography – Bride was getting ready at her home and the bridesmaids were trying to arrange her veil. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, cheerful bride and i captured this wonderful expression on her face.
Photo by Randolph Wilcox Photography

Millennium Bridge kiss

Photo by Randolph Wilcox Photography – This photo was taken on the Millennium Bridge, Nicole and Martin got married at The Swan at The Globe on the Southbank, It’s a different photo to the ones I usually take as the Southbank was busy busy busy. Normally I take my couples somewhere quiet for their portrait shoot, but there was something about being surrounded by the public, it was like Nicole and Martin shared their big day with London!
Photo by Michael Marker Photography

Axnoller dusk

Photo by Michael Marker Photography – All too often we aren’t blessed with the best weather – but that’s no problem. Professional photographers work with what we have and lighting and a window frame may be all we need. I captured this tender moment at Axnoller in Dorset.
Photo by John Steel Photography


Photo by John Steel Photography – Time to have some fun. I took the bride and groom out for a few pictures on their own. I’d spotted some space hoppers being blown up earlier and encouraged them to have a little friendly space hopper race. Whoops, the bride managed to do one bounce and then fell backwards. It helped that she had some amazing blue shoes on.
Photo by Piera Tammaro

Eyes to eyes, laughing and dreaming

Photo by Piera Tammaro – As I always said to my couples, to stay relax in the Their special day. There’s always chaos and tension all around, and our target is to steal “Secret Moments”, when they don’t know where we are, catching each hidden laugh or joke. That’s what we do in our photography-life. This is one of those moments. Eyes to eyes….laughing and dreaming a life togheter.
Fabrizio & Teresa, our special couple in Positano, Italy.
Photo by Eneka Stewart Photography


Photo by Eneka Stewart Photography – What can I say, I would love to do this day over and over. From arriving in the morning till the dancing in the evening – this wedding rocked!


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