April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

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April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Some beautiful photos in our latest collection as we round up over 20 wedding photos from the month of April.
April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A veil made for two

Photo by Nick Brightman Photography – This was the wedding of Zara & Jamie at Curradine Barns in Worcestershire

They have a little girl who was their flower-girl and she was fascinated with her Mum’s veil. She had been asking if she could put it on and understandably her Mum wasn’t keen!

So she suggested a compromise, that after she was wearing it they ‘share’ it. It was such a lovely moment seeing Mum and Daughter enjoying this moment together

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A moment of serenity

Photo by Alexa Poppe Wedding Photography – Dan and Patience love Cornwall, so they decided to get married there. I wanted to incorporate the Cornish landscape they love so much into some of their photos. We went down the beach for some couple portraits when I’ve seen the beach was empty and told them to go ahead to get in position for this beautiful Cornwall landscape shot. It also gave the couple a moment by themselves, a moment of serenity.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The veil

Photo by Nabis Photographers/ Chiara Ridolfi – I was in santa Marinella, inside the suggestive Odescalchi’s castle.
The bride was almost ready for the ceremony.

She was very nervous and excited at the same time and I saw a particular strong tension in her eyes.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Romantic sunset

Photo by Magia Obrazu – The moment when Bride and Groom look at each other’s eyes is always so magical – we wanted to show it with beautiful sunset to make a perfect shot.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Reflections at Owen House Wedding Barn

Photo by Mr and Mrs W / Mark Williamson – This was a shot I’d been wanting to do for a while at Owen House Wedding Barn. I new about this small pond on the other side of a field of sheep and had been wondering how I could use it for a while. Both the conditions and trust of the bride and groom worked in my favour at Bethan and Andy’s wedding. With a simple bit of lighting and a still evening, this was a great way to finish the evening at a glorious countryside venue.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Ceremony tears

Photo by Mr and Mrs W / Mark Williamson – During Charlotte and James’s ceremony at Knowsley Hall, this was the moment that the bride’s father shares the responsibility of looking after his daughter with another man. It’s always an emotional part of the day.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Down On Bstreet

Photo by Zo Taylor / ZT Photography – Maria and Will’s engagement shoot // Manchester

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Preston Court – Victorian Carousel

Photo by Howling Basset – Bride Kiki and all her bridesmaids on the “moving” carousel at Preston Court.

Photo by Box of Love

Unposed group photo

Photo by Box of Love – Group photos are very important from the time scale perspective. It is nearly the only one moment when you have vast majority of a family and guests in one frame. This time we hand plenty of people in the church and decided to make it different. We haven’t set anything for this shot – fully spontagnous shot. Love and emotions are nearly everywhere.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by One Day Studio – Boudoir story…15 mintes before the ceremony.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Crimes Against Fashion

Photo by James Tracey Photography – Tom’s reaction was priceless when his best man (and brother) pulled out the embarrassing childhood photos during his speech after Tom had been ‘locked up’ and put you on trial for ‘crimes against fashion’.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Wedding Walk

Photo by Michael Ashdown – Alice & Lee had just got married at Arundel Town Hall and left the building for a walk around the beautiful town before heading to the wedding breakfast. I love this shot as it’s a completely natural shot of the couple just after they had got married.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sparkle me up

Photo by Karolina Kotkiewicz Photography – Sparkle my life till the end of our days.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Off to the Ceremony

Photo by Andrew Billington Photography – This is a photograph that was taken at the Four Seasons Hotel in Surrey last year. Now I’m a candid documentary photographer so I don’t interfere or set photos up on the day. However this photograph looks so highly posed but trust me it’s not.
I knew when the bride and her bridesmaids were leaving the room and thought the best place to be was above them as they walked down the staircase (as spectacular as it is). I simply waited for the right moment and ‘click’.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Pavel Dufek – At one wedding I made a video. It was a beautiful place of Zvířetice at Cecz republic. I agreed to take pictures. I had about 3 minutes.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Evening Sunset

Photo by Carl Glancey Photography – This photo was taken at Bellows Mill in Hertfordshire as the sun was going down. Had to use the opportunity to get this gorgeous couple out into the crisp evening sunshine to make use of that light.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Party by the Ocean!

Photo by Evolve Photography – This was towards the end of the day from Easter Saturday at a very cool wedding venue in North Devon called Tunnels Beaches. I shoot a lot of amazing weddings there and all have a lovely vibe. Sporadically the Bride & Bridesmaids and some of the ushers started dancing to the music on the patio over looking the setting sun and I took many frames to get the silhouette composition that I wanted. I love that you can see the bouquet still being tightly held even 7 hours after the ceremony as my wife was the florist and that means a lot to see how much the Bride loved her flowers. A very “abroad” wedding feel to a slightly chilly North Devon wedding!

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Vintage Funky Bride

Photo by Story of Love Wedding Photography by Natalie Martin – Traquair House in the Scottish Borders, blue funky room suited the feel of the bride. I loved the vintage look with the flowers in her hair.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

A Yorkshire Castle, a happy Scot and an elated Azerbaijini

Photo by Winston Sanders Photography – Azerbaijani Leyla & Scottish John were married at Allerton Castle near Knaresborough in North Yorkshire. After the speeches we stepped outside to capture the full majesty of their venue under the night sky.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

The Balcony shot

Photo by Paul Keppel Photography – I’ve photogaphed Couples quite a few times at weddings at the Alverton Hotel in Cornwall, I always try and offer something different from the last couple. The last time the final edit was in black & white so for Kylie and Tom wedding I wanted loads of colour.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Helen + Henry

Photo by Paul stott Stott + Atkinson Photography – Taken in a marquee in York. The couple own the marquee company and had super cool eddison bulbs hanging from the roof so this had to be done.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Photo by Petal & Blush Artistry – I photographed Ceri & Ralph’s amazing wedding in Santa Maria, Italy, last summer. This photo was captured during their sunset portraits, when Ceri & Ralph spontaneously started having their first dance while the sun set in the background, surrounded by cheering locals! It was such a happy, loving moment.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection


Photo by Samantha Pennini – After the ceremony the couple is allowed to carry the wind and this kiss very long.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Sparkler Tunnels

Photo by Barney Walters Photography – This is Holly & Andy (and many arms of friends and family)! They held their wedding celebrations at a farm in Cornwall, which they both call home. After a beautiful day passed with lots of laughs, tears and the occasional pony ride for the children! The fun continues into the evening and we get to here, such a personal and special moment for them both, lit up by a guided tunnel of their truly loved ones.

Who doesn’t love a good Sparkler Tunnel!

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Getting ready for the Evening

Photo by Robin Ball Photography – Jessie and Tom getting ready for when their evening guests arrive in the impressive bridal suite at Southdowns Manor in West Sussex.

April 2017 Wedding Photo Collection

Cornish sunset

Photo by Sam Gibson Photography – This was taken on the lawn at Polhawn Fort on the coast of Cornwall. An amazing wedding venue, tucked into the cliffs not far from Plymouth, Dan and Maria had got married outside earlier in the day and then we popped out to catch the sunset just before the dancing started inside.

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