Andreea & Flavius Fun Wedding Day

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Andreea & Flavius Fun Wedding Day

We are delighted to share the beautiful wedding of Andreea & Flavius captured by wedding photographer Anghel Brothers.

The couple: Andreea & Flavius. They know each other for a long time.. since they were kids ..I can say. They are fun, lovely and from what I saw they are made for each other. 100 % match.

The Wedding day: Everything was on fast-forward. We started pretty early in the morning with the grooms haircut and the bride’s make up. After that we rushed to Andreea’s house to take a few frames of her getting ready and her accessories as well. Before we know it Flavius was already downstairs waiting to see Andreea for the first time in the wedding dress. So many emotions in a single second! We were already late at the civil ceremony so we ran to the cars and got there just a couple of minutes late. After all paperwork being done I told the groom that is time to do the group shots before the religious ceremony. When we got to the church time stood still for almost one hour. The most relaxing time for couple in the hole day. After all this being done the party was ready to start. It began with the first dance of the groom and bride and finished when the cake lighten the wedding hall. What a beautiful wedding!


The Photographer: Based in Timisoara, Romania, with a love of travelling to amazing destinations to document your biggest day of your life. I fell in love with the photography while I was working in the TV industry. I left the TV industry because there was always a barrier there and it didn’t allow me to express creativity. I started my own company which I founded with my brother. He is the video guy and one of the best steady cam operators you’ll find and very serious when it comes to making films. (This apears on WPS –website aswell as the description of me)

Photography style: It is pretty hard for my to write in words the way I shoot. I can say a few things about that anyway: the style is a combination of the classic way to document a wedding and the contemporary one. As I would like to say I feel the moment when is time to press the shutter. It is better to let the images speak for themselfs.

What I love about the day: The couple. Andreea & Flavius. Their personality, the way they love each other and most of all the way they are as individuals.

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