What should you look for in a Wedding Photographer?

// Published by Sam, Editor - June 21, 2012

From our interview series where we catch up with wedding photographers a question we ask is what adive they would give to bride and grooms to be looking for their perfect wedding photographer. Well here is a quick round up of a range of top tips to help you, what you should look out for and consider.

Linus Moran

My advice to couples looking for a Wedding Photographer – find the best you can and don’t be tempted to cut corners due to budget.

When you hire a wedding photographer you are handing over the responsibility of capturing one of life’s most precious memories and for that photographer to be able to deliver them back to you. The album is a vital document as it is testament to the day and to the times in which we live, holding all the most vital memories of people and friends assembled for that moment in time.

Research your photographer, view actual real weddings and not just their ‘best of” folio, talk to them, meet with them and make sure they are ‘your’ type of person. Groundwork is always worthwhile and never a waste of time. If you are holding a wedding at a venue which has a preferred suppliers list, do read this article, The double edged sword of being a Venue ‘preferred’ Wedding Photographer. It is worth being aware of such procedures which luckily only happen at a small number of wedding venues.



Horacio Arriaza

They have to choose the wedding photographer they like. Look at their photographs and when you like one of them, then you need to meet this photographer. Talk to the photographer by chat, skype, email… You have to be sure that this photographer is your ideal photographer.


Alex Knight Photography

Remember that old shoe box full of fading family photos? How many of them where taken at weddings? Your wedding pictures need to last a lifetime, and sometimes even longer so set aside an appropriate budget. Professional equipment, training and insurance all add up so be wary of very low prices as the likelihood is that they are cutting corners somewhere.

Finally book a photographer whose work you really love and try not to be too taken in with the latest fashions and trends or your photos could look very dated in 5 or 10 years time.


Jon Cripwell Photography

My top tip would be to ensure that you get along well together. Aside from the love of your life, the photographer is the person who you will spend most of your wedding day with! So speak to a lot of photographers, and when you find yourself smiling and nodding and maybe even giggling – well then you’ve probably found “The One”.


Chris Cowley

Style – Have a good look around online and in magazines to get a feel for the style of photography you like. Don’t get distracted by the latest trends and buzzwords floating around and just concentrate on photos you really love.

Research – Once you know the style of photography you love then ask friends for recommendations, spend some time on Google and on websites like Your Perfect Wedding Photographer to see what photographers are around and if they fit your budget

Meet some photographers – You’re going to spend a lot of time with this person throughout your wedding day and so once you’ve found some photographers you like arrange to meet up. You’ll know from the offset if you’re with someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and this is the key to looking great in your photos. Choosing a photographer whose work you think is great but you don’t get on with is never going to work. If you want those relaxed smiley images where you REALLY smile then you need to book the photographer who can get the best out of you.

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