2 Lovebirds. 1 Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot // Published by Sam, Editor - October 23, 2014

We just fell in love with this cute couple when we saw their lovely engagement shoot and couldn’t wait to share it. The day was captured by wedding photographer Sona of Inspired by Love who is now based in Slovakia after moving back home from Ireland this year.

Sona said “Martin and Lenka have been together for 8 years.They are a very fun and cute couple who love to travel and explore new places together. We did their session on a crazy day in June, when we had heavy rain, sunshine and dark cloudy skies all in about a 2 hour span, in a beautiful location called Velky Biel here in Slovakia. I used the Beloved techniques with these two lovebirds and was really happy to see how well they responded to those. They got married just 11 days ago.”

We just love the natural shots of these two, and what a gorgeous back drop, to think they also had heavy downpours that day and still managed to get these beautiful shots.

Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1001 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1006 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1008 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1009 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1014 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1015 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1016 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1017 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1019 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1020 Martin-&-Lenka-Film-1021 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1038 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1054 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1084 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1104 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1107 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1147 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1159 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1177 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1206 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1222 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1230 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1238 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1240 Martin-&-Lenka-Len-my-1294

If you would like to find out more about Sona the photographer of Inspired by Love, then do head over to her profile page here when you can see more of her work and drop her a message.

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  1. Some great photos!

    Engagement shoots certainly help with the getting to know your bride & groom. It’s also a great chance to experiment and get some great pre-wedding photos.


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