10 Fantastic Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

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10 Fantastic Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

The British wedding season peaks in August, however any good UK wedding photographer knows the colder months offer sublime romantic wedding potential. Imagine how fantastic a London winter wedding could be! Here are ten great reasons to consider getting married in winter.

10 Fantastic Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

1. Summer weather is notoriously hit-and-miss. You could have ten hours of glorious sunshine, or you may splash your way through a torrential downpour. Weather isn’t a problem in winter as you know it will be cold, you and your guests will be dressed accordingly, and all important aspects of your day will be indoors.

2. A winter landscape is magical. The light is softer and the bare trees accentuate rather than distract from the main subject of the photo: you! If you’re lucky enough to have snow, your wedding photographs will be incredible.

3. A British winter wedding allows you to indulge in luxurious fabrics and a rich colour scheme, adding drama with ruby, emerald and topaz jewel tones.

4. It’s cheaper to feed your guests well in winter. Hearty stews, pies and mulled wine are less expensive (and more satisfying) than fresh seafood and champagne.

5. Historical UK wedding venues such as stately homes and castles often include features you can’t make the most of in summer. Large halls with open fireplaces, weathered wood and stone looks amazing in candlelight.

6. Brides have a wider choice of outfits in winter. You can add velvet or faux-fur shrugs to keep off the outdoor chill, or have removable lace overlay added to a strapless wedding dress. Some brides have colouring which is better suited to winter, while others prefer to wear longer sleeves and feel more covered up.

7. Getting married off season is cheaper. Everything from your wedding photographer to your cars and venue will cost less. You’ll be amazed at how far your wedding budget will stretch between November and February.

8. Not only do wedding suppliers charge less in winter, it’s easier to get the ones you want. There are almost 100,000 summer weddings in England every year. Having your event in winter, when suppliers have fewer bookings, gives you a wider choice and greater negotiating power.

9. Your winter wedding will be a social highlight. Your guests won’t be suffering from wedding fatigue and will appreciate the opportunity to party at an otherwise quiet time of year.

10. Summer is typhoon season in hot honeymoon destinations like the Caribbean and Maldives, making British winter the best time for a tropical honeymoon. Travelling in winter also means you miss the peak prices of European school summer holidays.

Our top wedding photography tips for winter are to make sure you and your bridal party are warm while taking outdoor photos – hot toddies and pocket hand warmers will eliminate frozen grins caused by chattering teeth. Schedule your wedding to take advantage of the daylight, and factor in extra time for travel if you’re planning to visit several locations for your photos.

If you’re considering a winter wedding have a look at our gallery of real weddings for inspiration.

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  1. Gregory Cottage

    Love winter weddings, absolutely love them. I went to one last year and it was amazing. I went to one at Rowton Castle, it was outside with a ceremony at 3-4 but it got dark early. So the aisle was lit up with candles. There was a christmas tree, decorations, the bride’s dress was red; it was like something out of a disney movie.


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