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Now you’ve found me you’re wondering what’s different about me and why you should book Maria Assia Photography?

Of course, I could start with all the usual reasons that you’ll hear from every other photographer out there. And of course all of them are true!
I love photography. I really do. I don’t just do this to pay the bills or to pay for my son’s swimming lessons.
I am insanely passionate about capturing weddings and couples, and the emotions that run through you on your day.
I love the big, loud, everyone can see me but I don’t care laughs; the subtle looks that you share with your hubby to be as you join him at the end of the aisle, the hands up in the air, sing out loud dancing with your mates.

And you love my photos too. But there’s more to it than that.

It’s about how you want your story told. Like everything else at your wedding, your choice should be about what both of you want!

Do you love great, storytelling, unobtrusive photography that really tells the story of your day just as it happened? Photography that is unique to you, creative and not the same as every other couple’s photos on pinterest Do you want to just have a blast with your family and friends without worrying about your photography?

Do you want to look back on your memories for years to come and see how happy you really were, how emotional and beaming you really were on your day?

Is what you really care about a beautiful, real account of your day and of the people that you love, without fake, cheesy poses? Because when you tell your children about them, they might not be around anymore?

Then get in touch right now, let’s meet, order some tea or wine, and get you sorted.


How would you describe your style?

My style is relaxed, creative and fun. I photograph mainly in a storytelling documentary style, but mix it up with a few creative shots that will make your heart jump for joy.

What do you love about weddings?

Weddings are about emotions for me. From the morning when you feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement, to the tension that you feel as you stand at the bottom of the aisle, to the elation you feel as you become husband and wife, to the hilarious speeches and the manic dancing late at night, that's what I love to capture. I love the little tears that run down the groom's face, or the wink in the dad's eye as he hands his daughter over, to the pride in their mums' eyes as they see their children take the next step in life. I also love the stolen moments between a couple, when everyone is busy chatting and they seem to be in a little bubble, intimately untouchable by anyone else for a few quick moments. This is what I point my lens at and what my clients love to see in my photos.

What advice would you give to couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Great and good photographers book up early, often years in advance. I'm sure you've found this with venues too. The good ones go quickly and early. After you have your venue booked in, find the best photographer your money can buy. Everything else will be consumed on the day, only be worn once or gather dust on your shelf afterwards, but your photos will stand the test of time and will tell your story to the ones that come after you. They really are your memories, and your most treasured possession from your big day. Also, let them come alive in a wedding album. Although most wedding photographers will provide your photos to you on a USB, how often are you actually going to look at them hidden in a drawer in your desk? If you can't afford one straight away, don't worry. Many photographers (that offer this service) are happy to design an album for you at any point down the line, be it for your first wedding anniversary or another

What's your travel policy?

I cover weddings all across the UK and abroad. Within mainland UK travel and petrol are included. A small overnight fee might apply depending on location. Destination weddings add travel expenses and a plate of food. OK and a glass of wine.

Starting Price: 1500

No offers at the moment, but get in touch below for details of my prices and packages.

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