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Jirina Alanko Wedding Photography

I’m a photographer from Finland, The land of polar bears, Vikings and freshly gained equal marriage rights.
And yes, I’m kidding with the first two previous things. We don’t have neither polar bears or vikings but the last fact is true; Finland gained equal marriage rights!

That’s the thing that makes me more than happy ’cause for me equal marriage rights are extremely important.
I moved to the UK six months ago and I absolutely love this country and it’s awesomely kind people.
I’m warm-hearted and a bit silly photographer who loves shooting all things romantic.

I love creating strong images with strong feelings that becomes tangible in my shots. Mixing styles is my thing.
I’m comfortable using both natural and artificial light.

I use flash light with extra careful and respect for an occasion. I often get testimonials that I blend seamlessly into wedding guests.

I’m very experienced portrait photographer and I have worked with various of artists and performers and I have done fashion and boudoir/pin-up photography.

Videography is close to my heart. One of my fabulous and exclusive service is boudoir videos.


How would you describe your style?

My photo style is relaxed and intimate and includes a lot of expressions and emotions. I really think that capturing emotions is the most important thing alongside the technical skills needed to catch the perfect moment. That’s why and how the feeling becomes so tangible in my shots. Creating strong images is the key in my style. I prefer using natural light but I also love using artificial lighting to create different mood. I really love vintage aesthetics and I think that it shows in my style. As you know the dramatic feeling in old movies when lovers are running into each others arms and kissing like it's their last kiss. I love that!

What do you love about weddings?

Ode to Love! I'm a huge fan of all things romantic and my favorite thing in weddings is Love! It's basically the best thing what can celebrated.

What's your travel policy?

I’m willing to travel inside UK and beyond! Adventures are more than welcome.

Starting Price: Please enquire for details on pricing.

No offers at the moment, but get in touch below for details of my prices and packages.

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