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Last year we featured a ‘Top Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer‘ article with feedback from wedding photographers themselves, and this week we shall feature some more! In our interview series we run we always ask What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer? So here is another little round up of some of those responses.

8 Important Tips on Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

First and foremost decide what style you want and moreover what you will be most comfortable with on the day. Do you want a fashion, editorial coverage and if so are you comfortable posing for this and have the time to do so ? Or do you prefer a more low key, fly on the wall approach ? Whatever you opt for its important you meet or speak to your photographer beforehand. Personality is so important and you have to feel comfortable with them bearing in mind they’ll be with you more or less a full day. Ask to see 3 COMPLETE weddings as well and you choose which ones, not the photographer. – Neil Palmer

It’s such a difficult decision and one you need to be happy with, forever! Make your photographer work to get you, ask them lots of questions, and definitely meet them before the wedding for a coffee or a pre wedding photo session. You have to get on with your photographer, they are a guest at your wedding after all, and meeting up before your wedding day will mean you are totally comfortable with them which means they will get great photos of you! – Brad Clarke Photography

Ask everyone you know for recommendations as there’s nothing better than a referral. Also, ask your wedding venue for the preferred supplier list; inevitably that list is made of names they trust, and are confident will uphold their reputation. If that doesn’t heed any success, try our old friend Google but be prepared to search, search and search some more as there are literally thousand’s of wedding photographers online, and the best ones aren’t always on the front page. One way to refine your search is through the style you like, for example ‘documentary wedding photographer’ and start from there. Working through county listings, such as ‘Berkshire wedding photographer’ is also a good way to hone your search. Finally, if you logistics allow, I’d always recommend you meet your photographer so you can look them in the eye and know you trust them with the responsibility of your wedding photography. – Neale James Wedding Photographer

My advice is to pick a perfect photograph, for you! Definitely meet them and find out anything you want to know.. No matter how silly the question might seem. I know my style may not suit everyone, and that’s totally fine. I like people to pick me, based on what I do and how I approach a Wedding. So if you like a certain style, find a photographer that matches it! I like to meet a Bride and Groom, drink tea… have a chat. You have to like your photographer, they are capturing the biggest day of your life. – Kayleigh Pope

Choose the style of photography you want, you don’t want to pick a photographer who turns out to not shoot the style you originally wanted. Always look over portfolios as sometimes one wedding is amazing and then the other might not be. It is true what they say ìThe service is what you pay for, but don’t be hesitant to look at photographers who might be in the £400-£700 price range as often they are just starting out but their photography skills are great! Make sure the person you choose you are comfortable with and don’t mind following you around most of all of the day. – Mel Davies

Remember that old shoe box full of fading family photos? How many of them where taken at weddings? Your wedding pictures need to last a lifetime, and sometimes even longer so set aside an appropriate budget. Professional equipment, training and insurance all add up so be wary of very low prices as the likelihood is that they are cutting corners somewhere.

Finally book a photographer whose work you really love and try not to be too taken in with the latest fashions and trends or your photos could look very dated in 5 or 10 years time. – Alex Knight Photography

Spend time looking around at local photographers. If you chose a local photographer, you can meet up with them prior to the wedding to discuss all those important little details and put a face to the name. Make sure the photographer has enough experience and photography knowledge to produce the quality images you are after. Remember cheap does not always mean better, I like to offer a Budget style package as weddings are definitely an expensive event but often speak to couples who have chosen a family member, friend with limited photography experience to photograph the most important day of your life, just because they offer their time for free. Its great having guests taking extra shots throughout the day, we all love the drunken photos of dad dancing but I recommend always having a professional photographer on hand to get those images that you are going to treasure for years to come. It seems crazy couples spending often over £14,000 on their wedding day to opt for a free, inexperienced photographer. – Robert Marriott Photography

My top tip would be to ensure that you get along well together. Aside from the love of your life, the photographer is the person who you will spend most of your wedding day with! So speak to a lot of photographers, and when you find yourself smiling and nodding and maybe even giggling – well then you’ve probably found “The One”. – Jon Cripwell Photography

Our advice

When your special day arrives, you may be so overwhelmed that you have very little memory of the details. The flowers you chose, your wedding dress, the location and table settings, all your friends having a great time, even your hairdo are things you may want to remember. However, this day goes by quickly. That’s why your wedding photographer is such an important part of your event. They’ll follow you throughout the day and capture these special moments and details. Here are 8 tips that will help you in the search to find a wedding photographer who is perfect for you.

Decide What Style You’re Into
Wedding photography genres can be broken down into three types: traditional, photo journalistic or classic. Traditional photographers are extremely involved all throughout the day, producing posed shots and spend a lot of time arranging the couple so that the details look the way they’d like. Photo journalists, rarely ask individuals to pose. They prefer to capture people in their natural behaviours. And classic blends both of these styles together. Browse Wedding Blogs for ideas and inspiration. So decide which look you’re going for before you start shopping around.

Know Your Budget
Depending on the quality of wedding photography you would like, the price can vary. You may not want to break the bank and hire someone who is overpriced. However, remember the saying “you get what you pay for,” because if the price is too good to be true, then your photos may suffer. So may want to look for a photographer who is willing to negotiate.

Ask Around
There is nothing like benefiting form the experience of others. Don’t hire someone you’ve never heard of. If you have friends that have already been through this process, then ask around. If not, do a thorough search online and pay attention to the reviews of others. The photographer’s website may look great, but its best to know what kind of reputation he or she has among their past customers.

Ask If They Do This Full Time?
There are many freelance photographers who take pictures as a hobby or as a side job. However, its better to find someone who does this type of working for a living. Once you have chosen a reputable individual and have set up a consultation with them, ask them if photography is their main occupation. You need someone who dedicates all of their time to giving you the best quality possible.

Ask What Type Of Files You Will Receive
There are several photographers who have been in this industry for years. Which means they have tons of experience but they may not be willing to let go of their old technology. If they only offer to provide you with film from your wedding instead of jpeg or another easily transferable file, then you should consider hiring someone else. This means that they may not be up to date on all of the latest advancements that you may be searching for in the quality of your pictures.

Ask For Samples
Its important that yo see a vast array of photos instead of a few photos of brides in their gowns. Though these images may be great, all photos should be of the same quality and have character and depth. Some photographers are good at taking glamour shots of the bride, but they are not as skilled at getting couple’s shots and photos of the wedding party. So be sure that the quality is consistent.

Find Out Whats Included?
When it comes time to review your order, you don’t want any surprises. So ask the photographer what will be included in your package. How many hours of footage will you get? If your wedding is especially large, how many photographers will you get? Will your files be given to you on a flash card or DVD?

Does This Person Seem Easy To Get Along With?
Yes, this photographer may be excellent at his or her job, but do your personalities mesh well? You will be spending most of the day with this individual and it’s crucial that you feel comfortable around them. They will take part in personal moments and you need to feel as if the person is not an intruder but is a welcomed part of your special day.

Be mindful of your budget, their reputation, what you get in the end and how you feel around them. Make sure that you take the time to choose someone who will make your day memorable.

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